Music composer Kannan

Rendavathu Padam composer Kannan fractures leg dancing

Music composer Kannan

Director CS Amudhan forthcoming movie Rendavathu Padam might be delayed owing to an unexpected development. CS who has been shooting for his movie without any break came out with the news of his music director Kannan getting his legs fractured recently. He says, “Music Director Kannan has fractured his leg trying to dance on New Year’s eve. I know I should not laugh….still…”

While it might be no matter worth a laugh, the composer has been recovering pretty well and is hopeful of getting back to work soon. Amudhan on the other hand is extending his New Year break getting busy with cricket matches and catching up on the much in demand movie Mouna Guru. The director is really impressed with Arulnidhi’s acting and applauded director Shantha Kumaran for scripting himself a wonderful debut with the release. The Thamizh Padam spoof maker will soon get back to work for his second installment in Rendavathu Padam. Awaited as a mid summer release he has promised not to give a spoof flick this time. Amudhan’s new movie stars the beautiful looking Vijayalakshmi and new Ishtam lip-lock boy Vimal in the lead.

We wonder if it was the Kolaveri song that came hard on the poor Kannan.



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