Reema Sen refuses Selva Raghavan offer for next film

Reema Sen

Director Selva Raghavan has given invitation for Reema Sen for his next film. But sources reveal that Reema Sen refused the offer without any consideration. Reema Sen previously worked very dedicatedly for Selva’s ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’, without even taking booking from the offers which approached her. Selva is one of the successful Directors in the field. Reema had previously told that it was her pride to work under Selva Raghavan. But now she is so frustrated that she refused the offer. Reema Sen was fed up with the manner the shooting for the film ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ had taken place. It was so much dragging that she lost her interest to work under Selva Raghavan.

After so much delay ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ got released, but it didn’t turn out to the expectations of the people. Though Reema Sen performed her part well, but it was not appreciated much. Selva’s story might be the reason for the film’s failure, but what made Reema Sen down? There can be a debate on this issue. The end result would be pointing on Andrea. Two heroines, both acting with competitive mind. This was the reason why Reema was not much spoken.

Reema Sen has understood her mistake in the previous film which is clearly evident from her refusal. Selva Raghavan has planned to direct two Telugu films, for which Pavan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu would be playing the lead role. Due the present continous ryots in  Andhra, the projects are still in the waiting list. Another film which is standstill for Selva Ragavan is the one which Pokiri Ramesh would be producing and Vikram playing the lead role. Before starting these films Selva had an idea of finishing a film. He had everything ready for it. He had even booked Andrea for lead role and he had developed a role for Reema Sen thinking that she would work with him. But Reema Sen refused the offer.

What character would  Selva have given Reema? Might be to dance in one song and to appear in few scenes. Moreover Andrea is given the lead role, that would have added oil to the fire.


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