Reema Sen finds her partner in Shiv Karan Singh

Reema Sen - Shiv Karan Singh
Reema Sen - Shiv Karan Singh

Reema Sen, the girl who enthralled her fans in ‘Minnale’ and ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ has found her dream boy at last and it is a Delhi-based businessman Shiv Karan Singh, (owner of famous restaurants and bars viz. Smokehouse Grill, Mocha bar and Mocha), who was the first to propose her this Wednesday night.

Though there is no official confirmation from Reema, media reports have quotes from Shiv Karan Singh, his friend and a close relative of him. All of them have confirmed the affair and are happy about it.

“Reema has not yet come forward to accept the reports, while the businessman was happy about blowing his joy all around the town as he told a close source of ours on being questioned about the marriage,

I know Reema for almost 2 years now. We became friends very recently. What to say, I was so tensed before I proposed to her to tell you how I feel now, all I can say is it’s wonderful to feel love all around.

I proposed to her going down on my knee as and she accepted me with a smile.

She had no clue that I’d propose last night. She was surprised.

To tell you the truth I was too drunk to remember anything else.”

Oops! We just hope you are in your sense the day you get married.

Good luck Reema.



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