Real life Suri of RatthaCharitram Assassinated at Hyderabad

Suri death photo
Right:  Suri's body - Left: A police inspector has a look at the bloodstained seat in Suri's car

Maddelacheruvu Suri, who was the prime accused in the killing of former Minister and Telugu Desam MLA Paritala Ravi,was shot dead in his car, allegedly by his own associate, Bhanu Kiran at the  Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad on Monday evening(Jan 3, 2011).

Suri was acquitted of the conspiracy behind the killing Paritala Ravi, who had assasinated his family members.It was  based on this real life  story of Suri and Ravi that Ramgopal varma went on to make  Ratthacharitram, which had Actor Surya essay  Suri’s role.

Suri died  last  evening after two bullets penetrated his head  which are being told to be shot from close range while the car  was in motion.  However the driver, Madan Mohan Reddy rushed the car to Apollo Hospitals at the Jubilee Hills, with not much fortune he was reported dead.

On enquiry the Driver said “The incident happened when we were returning from Balanagar where Suri had gone to meet the advocate and i was driving along the  Madhuranagar-Krishnanagar road, near Yousufguda. I  heard gunshots  and ducked within seconds  Suri slumped on me. Bhanu (associate of Suri)  ordered  me to speed away saying we were being attacked,

However police first  investigations revealed that the car windows were rolled up and there was no indication of any shots being fired from outside. Suri’s body guard Bhanu (Bhanu Kiran), who was sitting beside him in the same car is being suspected to have shot him. Also Bhanu Kiran jumped out and disappeared when the driver stopped the car after some distance.

Bhanu Kiran - Suri's Associate
Bhanu Kiran - Suri's Associate

“Bhanu is an important suspect and could reveal crucial details,” Police commissioner Mr.Khan said.

Unfortunately Suri had trusted Madan Mohan Reddy and Bhanu while his original driver Durga Prasad reportedly took the day off on some work.

Suri was the kingpin behind the Jubilee Hills bomb blast on November 19, 1997  which consumed  more than  26 innocent persons, while he triggered an explosive   using a remote control device, close to Rama Naidu’s studio.

His target was arch rival Paritala Ravi, who was attending the launch of the film ‘Sri Ramulaiah’, being produced by him. Suri was arrested after the incident and even was  sentenced to life but later released.

But Paritala Ravi, who had managed to escape with minor injuries then, was brutally killed, in the Telugu Desam Party office in January 2005. Suri was held again in connection with the former Minister’s murder and was enlarged a few months ago on conditional bail in the murder case which is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Now that the two sides are complete with tit for tat, hope peace continues, this is no film .



  1. Randy

    கத்தி எடுத்தவனுக்கு கத்தியால்தான் சாவு !!!

  2. m

    The word ‘Assasination’ should be used only when a leader or someone of that sort is killed. If this not correct, I have to blame my English teacher in school 🙂

  3. Ramjee

    hi M Ur english teacher was correct….but in todays situation as all criminals had become politicians we r getting confused abt wr to use such words

  4. omg!!

    It is the act of deliberately killing someone especially a public figure, usually for hire or for political reasons

  5. Vasin

    Intha kolayala Varma Ratha Charithram 3 pannaporan.

    Yaaravathu sollungappa padam poora slow motion’la pannathenu. Sahikala. Periya Director’nu sonnanga. Crap.

    Priya ‘appo kalyanam pannikalama’nu Suryava kekara scene mattum thaan nalla irnthichu; Priya is sexy; she has a powerful smile.

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