Read Rajinikanths 4 page letter for fans

rajinikanth says thanks to fans

Rajinikanth is back and our Superstar wants his fans to be the first one to know that he will be kick starting Rana soon. The actor has written a 4 page letter for his fans thanking them for the strong support and blessings they have been seeking all this while to restore their hero to the pink of health.

Check out the original 4 page letter below written by Thalaivar himself.

A humble Rajini wrote “After talking to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who has promised to help me at any time and Kalaingar Karunanidhi who always has love for me, I am writing you my fans.”

Rajini also had a philosophical message to share with his fans. “First forgive me for not talking to you in the beginning itself.
In the game of Head and Tails it is Lord Almighty who decides which way the coin will fall.With me it was money,medicine science and the best doctors on one side and the prayers,fast and homams on the other by my fans.I 100 per cent believe that they saved me.”

I can never forget the love you people have given me for ages.I don’t have words to thank you. Now my only goal is to entertain you and make everyone happy.

Soon, I will act in Rana and make you happy.
I will pray to god for your well being.

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