Read Ajiths Warning letter to fans

Ajiths Warning Letter
Ajiths Warning Letter

‘Thala’ Ajith is one who has a strong fan base in Tamilnadu, the actor has now issued a strong warning to his fans who have been indulging in redundant activities against the advice of the fan headquarters.  This notification is one that is to be taken on a serious that Ajith  indicates, if such activities continue in future, he would not mind to even go to the extreme levels of dissolving all his fan clubs.

A translate of the press meet

“While i am busy shooting for my 50th film makatha day and night, I have been hearing a bitter news as a section of  fans are scheduling fan club meetings for their self-advertisement without proper permission/intimation from the headquarters.

I have never used my fans for my own benefits neither in future i will be using, Nor do i force my fans to get followed into some activities, I have always  adviced my fans to give their family members and their profession priority . And I also have informed them not to include my name in the invitation cards  of their family function avoiding their parents and relatives.

Fans should also give up activities like thronging into the shooting spots and creating issues requesting to take photos. My true fans should avoid such activities and also  sideline those  who are identified  doing such activities.

The public can decide whether i am right or wrong. I would always like to hear my fan is a responsible person in the society.

In the changing times we will have to keep in mind  people are watching us closely, my true fan would know I am one who would bow my head for love and would not give it up threats or conditions forced into me.

In future on involvemnet into such activities, which violates Law and order, or causes public nuisance  i would not hesitate to dissolve all the fan clubs functioning under me.

‘Live and let live’.



  1. Vasin

    Thamil Naatla palaar’nu podrathu kuthamilla. Yaaravathu loosu Thamila Ajith fan’na balama onnu podu. Avnuku Meenambaakam poana mathri irkanum.

  2. Vasin

    Tho paaru; innoru kena. Eanda onga grammer literature ellam cinema thaana? Athukooda oru Thamilan sonnatha pudichka vakkilla; Oorla vela pogatha kirakki sonna than onga kathla nolayaratha?

  3. Vasin

    Hi Rammi

    How you doing; Merry Xmas

    I guess Pondich has a sizeable christian population. It must be nice over there.

  4. Saran

    Hey Vasin, just wanted to check what do u do for living (dnt rply like a idiot that i eat)…. i can see u in all the news in kollytalk…. Instead arguing or commenting on this better do some thing which is usefull to you….. Here i dont want to say society coz i know no one does that including me…. Grow up think from a larger angle u r a human being then u r indian then u r tamilzhan….. my personal advice dont mix & match the language u kill both….. You speak like this “Dont stand in the vayil come and stand in the marathadi nizhal” dont mind dude if i have said something truth about u…. now pls dont comment on this and yourself dumb…………

  5. guru

    Good punch Ajit.Your words shows the realnes inside you…It is not good for our country to treat a actor lik god!!!

  6. Vasin


    If he is that genuine why did he encourage and create a fans based institution? He should have stamped out all idolising inclinations. He did that to secure his future. Now he just wants to differentiate himself from other actors by behaving like a good family man with no interest in future public office. And fucing fools like you would believe it and could vote him to power or would make him an other Rajnik. Surely he wants one of the two.

  7. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.

  8. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.

  9. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.

  10. vino

    ha ha ha hello tamil ipadi lam neinga sona nanga nambuvoma

    ne oru tharuthala ajitha fan nu engaluku thariyum

    oru social service panama ajith arasiyal ku kupuduringale vekama ila ungaluku

  11. arum

    ilana poola umbiduvingala ajitha fans

    vai thaan ajith fans ku

    poi sutha muditu velaya paruing da

    Tharuthala pola varuma

  12. Vasin

    You Fucing Idiot

    You would find so called ‘great humans’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arablia. Are you going to bring them over here to lead us? Tube Light. The opportunity to decide, lead and influence Thamilar’s destinity is exclusive for Thamilar just like myanmar destiny is always going to be decided by a burmese. We keep on forgetting it. 

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