Ravi varman on Moscowin Kaveri

Ravi varman on Moscowin Kaveri

Ravi Varman,the award-winning Tamil cinematographer,turns as director in Moscowin Kaveri has seen, every small step has sprung as a surprise for the cinematographer-turned-director. “Life has indeed been great. I’m enjoying every moment of it,” begins Ravi Varman.

The director is all excited as his maiden directorial venture Moscowin Kaveri, a romantic fare that revolves around the current generation, is gearing up for release. “Youngsters these days do not really have the time to bask in the essence of true love. Life for them has become a race and hence, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call their love avasara kadhal! I wanted to explore romance with its egos and quarrels as prevalent among youngsters these days,” effuses the director.

Disclosing details about the star cast  and how he selected them for them for the movie, Ravi says, “There are primarily three characters — Rahul Ravindran, Harshvardhan and Samantha. I saw Rahul in few television commercials and instantly realised that the boy is a powerhouse of talent. As for Harshvardhan, who is the son of veteran actor Y Gee Mahendra, acting is in his genes. Samantha plays the female lead and she has done a fabulous job in the film. In fact, Moscowin Kaveri was supposed to be her launch vehicle.

The title of the film is quite unpredictable. “Quite unpredictable, isn’t it? Moscow is the Capital of Russia by the Moskva River and Kaveri is in south India. The relationships portrayed in my film are like a blend of two rivers — pure but confusing. Once you watch the film, you’ll understand why I named it that way,” he says.

The film has been in the making for quite some time. why? the director is asks back. “Why is it that questions are raised only when a regional film is delayed? I just want my film to be perfect. In fact, I finished shoot in just 50 days. Some minor touch-ups were needed and that delayed the film’s release. Moreover, it’s not easy to come up with a film for which you are handling the megaphone, cranking the camera, writing the script and also handling the costumes!

So you feel hard to handle so much depatments? “Not really! It was, in fact, easy because the film was entirely my baby.”


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