Ravi Mariya injured

Ravi Maria seriously injured after hero slamming him with huge tree

Ravi Mariya injured

Villain actor Ravi Maria, was seriously injured after a huge tree fell on his neck during the shooting of an upcoming film Azhagan Azhagi. Directed by Nandha Periyasamy, the movie has new comers Jack and Arushi in the lead. The stunt sequence involving the lead pair and Ravi Maria was shot recently in polichalur, near chennai.

Hero Jack was supposed to hit Ravi Maria with a 100 kg weighed tree during the chasing stunt scene. Unforunately, Jack lost his balance and the tree fell off on Ravi Maria’s neck miserably. Ravi had sustained critical wounds and suffered internal bleeding and was instantly rushed to a nearby hospital. Ravi Maria is currently in serious condition according to sources.

Ravi Maria who has directed films, Aasai Aasaiyai and Milaga has acted as villain in Mayaandi Kudumbathar and Kori Palayam .

We wish Ravi Maria a very speedy recovery.


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