Vivek Visits thirunallar

‘Rational’ Vivek visits Saneeswaran Temple at Thirunallar

Vivek Visits thirunallar

Ace comedian Vivek has never wasted any moment in his film career to take a dig at the many rituals followed by worshippers of God and ridiculing them in every possible manner. Most of them, invariably, were with regard to Hindu Gods. Reports say that the comedian, however, found time recently to visit the famous Saneeswaran Temple at Thirunallar and offer prayers.

Many leading politicians in the State, who preach atheism, do visit temples from time to time albeit without attracting the media’s attention. Vivek, who has always held that one should go by his/her own rational mind rather than believing in (the existence of) God, has always taken to task those believing in the various forms of Hindu Gods.

Vivek’s visit to the Saneeswaran Temple is attributed to the recent Sanipeyarchi, considered as an important period in the astronomical chart of Hindus where planets are said to swap places, and his attempt to ward off whatever that might ‘afflict’ his birth-chart. Visiting a Temple need not make headlines if you’re not a Vivek as lakhs of devotees throng this particular temple for the same reason why Vivek visited it.

Local MLA Siva was prominent among those who visited the Temple on the said day. Vivek, unmindful of the probing eyes of many of his fans and fellow devotees, went patiently near each and every deity at the Temple and offered prayers in a dedicated manner and took with great humility the ‘prasadam’ offered by the temple management.

Wonder what was the actual purpose of the visit was!


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