Rashu Madhuravan : drug-addicts and drunkards have reformed on watching Goripalayam

Director Rashu Madhuravan

Goripalayam movie directed by Rasu Maduravan after the success of Mayandi Kudumbathar, narrates in graphic detail the lives of four youths who are lured into the world of drugs.

Director Rasu Madhuravan while speaking to the media said that many drug-addicts and drunkards have reformed themselves after watching his Goripalayam movie.

He said,” We have made the film Goripalayam with some intention in our mind. Now this has been fulfilled. Recently I had been to various places where Goripalayam is being screened.

I interacted with the audience. They signed a pledge saying that they will not drink or take drugs in future. When some of the youths in Chennai said that they have returned from evil ways, producer Michael Royappan set up eatery shops, vegetable shops and provided sewing machine for their livelihood. People for many years have been telling that many are getting spoilt of cinema. But now these people have made them known that cinema can correct people.”


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