Ranjitha not to file Case against Swami Nithyananda

Close sources to Ranjitha reveal that she has refused to file a case against Swami and would not go against him.

The videos relating Ranjitha and Nithyananda are not original, it’s graphics is what The P.R.O of the Nithyananda ashram Nithya Athma Premanantha says. He added that there are certain personalities who are forcing Ranjitha to go against Swami.

Ranjitha’s close sources say that she is firm in not to go against Swami. Keeping the video in mind, actions can be taken against Nithyananda only if Ranjitha files a case against him. It seems certain personalities are trying to shift Ranjitha in the opposite side. But Ranjitha is escaping from their hands.

Now we have got the infomation, how Ranjitha got introduced to Nithyananda. Actress K.R.Vijaya’s sister’s daughter Ragha Sudha is the one who has given the link. After getting seperated from her husband Ranjitha was taken by Ragha Sudha to the Bangalore ashram, to reduce her depression.The pleasant atmosphere in the ashram had decreased Ranjitha’s sorrows. She continued to stay there. She used to do meditation for long hours and was also invoved in the making of a yoga album.

Ranjitha had huge amount of respect for Swami that she only used to clean Swami’s room. At this instance only the bonding has become stronger. This situation was used by the forces which were against Nithyananda in the ashram. It is said that it was in their trap that Nithyananda had fallen. Ranjitha was the weapon used, who with lured with money.

One rumor is getting spread very fast. It follows as “Nithyananda has grown into a huge figure in a short span of time. The 32 year old personality has set his head office in Los Angeles and has over 1500 ashrams worldwide. It is said that, there are other Swami’s who were against the growth of Swami Nithyananda.”

In total it is the  opposite forces from all direction and inner revenge which  has taken Nithyananda to such situation in the form of Ranjitha.

Today Swami Nithyananda’s advocate has said that there was no FIR against the godman and he cannot be arrested at this situation.

Watch the PRO speak and escape


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