Ranjitha issues a press statement : Not a devotee of Nithyananda:The entire tape is edited

Ranjitha issues a press statement

Ranjitha who shot back to fame two months back has issued a press statement through  Her lawyers from PM Law Chambers (PMLC), New Delhi,

The statement reads as “Our client strongly objects to being referred to as one of the persons in the video. The said imputation by anyone is causing unnecessary loss of reputation, mental harassment, agony, loss of earnings, which are all actionable wrongs.”

Our client dissociates herself from the said video which has caused danger to her life, limb and property,” further added PMLC.

PMLC also said that the actress has never given any interview in media regarding this scandal before and had not been questioned by Bangalore CID either.

Legal notice asks Google to remove “malicious” video clippings

On behalf of actress, PMLC also issued notices to the search giant Google Inc. and its subsidiary YouTube to remove the video clippings from the websites or else face legal charges.

We have asked them to remove the controversial video clippings from the websites by May 2, failing which we will file charges against them under the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act,” said Ranjitha’s lawyer.

The video clips, which clearly amount to gross violation of various laws of India, have malicious, diabolical and destructive intent, and are clearly aimed at bringing harm to the actress,” added lawyer.

Actress’ body double used to defame her in the video

Ranjitha’s lawyer gave a new twist to the whole drama on Thursday by stating that it’s possible that the videotape was shot with help of a “body double” of Ranjitha.

My client is not a devotee of Nithyananda but has met him. The allegations that she has signed the non-disclosure agreements are false and malicious. It is not Ranjitha in the tape. The entire tape is edited and will not stand as evidence in a court of law,” said the lawyer.



  1. Anonymous


    Were you preparing all these stories for the last 2 months.

    Nalla irukkudiyamma unnoada koothu..Nadatthu Nadatthu.

    You couldn't get the money which you were expecting for this video. So now you are saying you didn't act in this video

  2. Anonymous

    நித்யானந்தா கூட படுத்த ருசி இன்னமும் கேக்குது.

  3. Anonymous

    this is heights of dumbness …u took so many days to come up with this lousy statement…..worth illa…..indha padam odathu….better luck next time…they wil giv u another chance…come up with somethin sane or atleast near sane……

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