Ranjitha denies being with Nithyananda – Interview video

Ranjitha Interview at Bangalore
Ranjitha Interview at Bangalore

Ten months after the sex tape allegedly involving godman Nithyananda and actress Ranjitha hit the internet, the actress held a press conference here on Friday,claiming that it was not her in the sleazy video.  She also blamed Lenin(Nithyananda’s former devotee) and Christian missionaries for the video allegedly showing her in a sex romp with Nithyananda.

Addressing a packed press conference, the actress denied all the allegations against her. “It’s not me in the video,” said Ranjitha. “It is fabricated. I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram,” stated Ranjitha.

Ranjitha Interview about Nithyananda Scandal Video

When asked why she had not come forward earlier if she was not the woman in the video, she said: “I was threatened with arrest and there are bigger powers at play. I did not know how to handle them and I am basically a person who minds my own business. I do not have a father who is the Chief Minister and I do not have the backing of a powerful political group to take on that kind of agenda and machinery. so I had moved out of the country; I came only for the CID inquiry. I was in the US all this time. I have registered a complaint with the magistrate’s court in Ramanagara she said.

She also revealed that Nithyananda’s car driver Lenin was behind the release of the video and that there were some people working with him who had threatened to abscond her. But then came the bombshell. Ranjitha said a Christian missionary was behind the episode.

“I was being blackmailed and threatened by the accused and also by another man who belongs to a Christian mission,” said the actress. “I want to live, so I shall not name them. If I am assured of security by the Chief Minister of  Tamil Nadu government, I am ready to name the persons behind it. These people are working with Lenin Karuppu, Nithyananda’s former driver,” stated the actress.

The actress further expressed that Lenin had earlier attempted to rape her several times and had also threatened to kill her when she visited the Ashram in February. The actress stated that when she decided to take this matter to Swami Nithyananda, Lenin threaten to morph her pictures like how he had morphed the photographs of some inmates. In her complaint against Lenin, American-based Aarthi Rao and Chennai advocate Sridhar, she has stated that the morphed video was used to blackmail and extort money from her.

Though Ranjitha at one point said she regretted involving herself in the activities of the Ashram, she maintained that she remained a devotee of Nithyananda. The actress demurely stated that she would like to attend the celebrations underway at the Ashram, if the Ashram permitted.

Latest Update: Actress Ranjitha visited Nithyananda’s ashram to wish Nithyananda and took part in Anandotsava programme, held as part of the birthday celebrations.

Lenin Karuppan’s Interview in response to Ranjitha’s allegations

Mean while, in response to her allegation, Lenin Karuppan, a one-time disciple of Swami Nithyananda, on the same day stuck to his claim that the video clips showing the self-styled godman and Ranjitha in compromising postures were genuine — and not doctored as claimed by the actress earlier in the day.

“It is Ranjitha and Nithyananda in the video. The forensic sciences laboratory in New Delhi has certified its genuineness. I am ready to demonstrate anywhere that the video is real,” he said at a press conference here, within hours after the actress spoke to the media in Bangalore.

Lenin, rubbishing the allegations, played an audio conversation to reporters and claimed that it was the voice of Nithyanandha who was pleading, trying to pacify and reach a compromise solution with him. He alleged that Nithyanandha had been running businesses and leading a luxurious life, besmirching the Hindu sanyasi tradition.

“Nithyananda is behind the complaint. Their intention is to divert the issue, harass and take revenge on me,” he added.

Interestingly, another Nithyananda woman disciple, Ma Nithya Supriyananda, in separate complaint, alleged that Lenin had attempted to rape her and also abused her too.



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    Everyone knows the truth- DMK asked Nithyanandha to surrender his assets to the DMK family which Swami refused. So they made up a CD and kept on running the news in Sun Tv. I hope very soon DMK family’s cd comes out very soon

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    I do not disagree its not Ranjitha and Nithyananda in the cd. They are there in this cd, but the main reason the CD came out was Nithyananda didnt give his assests to DMK family. So thats why they relased the CD. You can feel the connection between DMK and Nakeeran daily which initially released the videos. The CBI recently raided the Nakeeran offices in the 2G scam and we all now know the truth behind who exposed this news. Nithyanandha has got a lot of Nenjualuthaam to come back and practice in his ashram again. Watch his videos in youtube and u will know this guy is a real casanova. Nithyananda katuulaa malaii

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  12. Vasin

    Eanpa? Namba oorla prachna actresses’a? Illiye. Intha swaminga thaane India’va 5000 varshama emaathikitrikanga? Mela 15 comments’la yaarum swamy’a onnume sollala? Ranjitha’va thaan kora solreenga. Ennapa ithu?

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    Please, no one should criticize Ranjitha, she’s doing service to Swami who is doing social service to society. Swami tells youth not to involve in Sex / Family life and get into Sanyasi life, but it’s only applicable for society and not himself. Rajitha is a pathini (I realised after seeing this video) and Nitty is like siddhar…. DMK family is born for social service…Tamilnadu will be satisfied, pongada dei….

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    DMK such a shit ..how dare they cud telecast such a bullshit video scene in news.. how many students and youngsters were watching news with their family.. prostitution is done all over India but it cant be run without the support of govt n their officials..if they have social well being behind this,they shud have fixed cameras in manda karunathi’s house and in his family members houses..more than prositution in their houses other shocking things will be coming out.. shame on this  DMK govt and this stupid dumb ass channel. ppl in power have full rights to take action on such activity but dey do only cheap acts and activities. i reckon dey are eating their own shits. 

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