Randy: Arima Arima-USP of the Endhiran

Randy one of the best cinematographers in the country who lets his camera speak for him. And when his camera speaks, viewers admire. Most of the films for which he has handled the cinematography havegone on to become superhits.

Working on a project , Endhiran which will be the first Indian film in which animatronics has been used Randy Says”For Endhiran, we had to create a robot just like Rajini sir. For that, we went to the US, had Rajini sir do a body scan and created a robot in Hollywood based on the specifics of his scan. The difference between animatronics and CG is that, if we use CG to recreate a person, the audience will be able to find out that CG has been used in just a matter of seconds and the impact could be lost. Also, the lighting for metal wouldn’t look great if real metal wasn’t used. That was the reason we opted for animatronics. Let me explain it this way, the reason you found the dinosaurs real in Jurassic Park was because they opted for animatronics in that film.

And he reveals Endhiran will not available in 3D, as initially planned by Shankar as the theater owners would have to change their screens for the 3D version and the process could cost quite a bit.

Finally he says the USP of the Endhiran would the climax song, Arima Arima.

Endhiran Trailer



  1. robo

    hi ash… you c super star rajini sir had been acted this movie that is the reason…. so start praise one and only rajini sir…….

  2. Usha

    <span>hi i respect and like rajini alot but tat doesnt mean the others who're part of this movie shld not deserve the due credit! they work hard like how rajini did also!</span>

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