Ramya Nambeesan

Ramya Nambeesan hits the roads, singing aloud

Ramya Nambeesan

Actress Ramya Nambeesan is exploring the singer in her these days. Making some decent appearances in Kullanari Koottam, Ilaignan last year the actress is keeping low on Kollywood presently. She is enjoying her new found love as a singer, and is hopeful of winning some more fans in the process.

A couple of day’s back Ramya shot for the Malayalam film Ivan Megharoopam .She’s got an interesting cameo appearance in the movie, that required the beautiful face to sing a folk song. What’s more? The director asked her to hit the roads singing the ‘Aandae Londe’ number aloud. Needless to say Ramya attracted attention of the busy ones shopping, who joined in the entertaining act. The idea was to record the sequence live, in order to capture the raw response of the crowd. Keeping in trend with the flash mobs there were hidden cameras set up early in the day, in 3 of the shops capturing all the moves. Luckily, Ramya also got some foreigners grooving to her energetic folk song. Completing the shoots, she will move on to her Kollywood release in Muriyadi, signing up for the project lately. Hey girl, we are definitely counting down the audio release for this one.


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