Rambha’s Costly Honeymoon at Fiji Islands

Rambha's honeymoon at Fiji islands

Southern beauty Rambha who got married to Canada-based businessman Indhran Padmanathan on April 8 in Tirupathi, has celebrated honeymoon at Fiji islands.

The ultra-exclusive Fiji island resort is a preferred destination for famous personalities seeking to avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi and celebrity gawkers.

Supposed to be a very expensive place, costing Rs 4 lakhs a day, the couple Rambha – Indhran were there for 2 weeks.

Usually Holywood stars go there for luxury visits, now Rambha is proud that she’s the first Indian actress to do so!

The much excited Rambha speaks about her honeymoon,

“Without a second thought, we decided on Fiji for our honeymoon. It was my husband’s idea that we should go to a place where no one would recognize me. In Terpil island, there were only 12 houses. We had booked one of the houses. Since this is a spot specially for honeymoon couples, there were couples in other houses too.

The place was quite deserted. Wherever we went, there was nobody there but us. Like booking a hotel room, you can even book a stretch of beach. There are 6 beaches. We booked one beach for a whole day. We were the only two of us on that peaceful beach.

The service and food arrangements were very delightful in the place where we stayed.

On the coffee cups given to us, were our names. When we left the place, we planted a sapling outside the entrance to the house and engraved the names of Rambha and Indhran on the stones”.



  1. paras

    hmmm.. good…placee….that is one of the best place i can suggest…. i amm flying there next month.. too…for one month holidayy ….not alone offcourse

  2. Anonymous

    Huh… How lucky she is to have such a honeymoon… But, yes, she did wasted a lot of $…. But hope tt they will live ling, together without any divorce…..

  3. Anonymous

    it's there money!! they can spend it on anything….ppl need to mind their own business!!! stop telling others about how to spend their own money….its not urs!!! if u have money…then u donate the money urself…ramba and her husband don't have to if they don't want too!!…and its his choice to marry her….u dun have to tell him what type of girl to marry!!…soo ppl shut up!!

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