Ramarajan’s ‘Medhai’ Audio release today – July 17

Ramarajan's 'Medhai' Audio release

‘Medhai’ makes the return of ‘Makkal Nayagan’ Ramarajan to kollywood after a long gap. The film is directed by debundant Saravaan and 75% of the shooting of this film has been completed.

Cassettes and CDs of the movie will be available in stores from the 17th of July.

Music is scored by ‘Dheena’ and Gangai Amaran has also penned lyrics for a song.

It was Gangai Amaran, who directed Ramarajan starred ‘Karakattakaran’ which became a smash-hit and made Ramarajan became a top hero during the 80’s.



  1. callingkutti

     மேதைய நாங்க போதைல தான்  வந்து பார்ப்போம் !! 

  2. Saro

    <span>ஆமா இவரோட "மேதை" படம் வந்து தான் படுத்துகிட்டு இருக்குற தமிழ் சினிமாவ நட்டுக்க நிக்க வைக்க போகுது</span>

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