Ramarajan attacks Vijayakanth

Ramarajan attacks Vijayakanth for the ‘Kanth’ in his name

Ramarajan attacks Vijayakanth

Actor Ramarajan has said that Vijayakanth managed whatever popularity he got in films thanks to the ‘Kanth’ suffix in his name which he borrowed from superstar Rajinikanth’s name. Ramarajan, who has been active in politics and is with the ruling AIADMK, was speaking at roadside meetings as part of the election campaign at Sankarankoil, where a bye-election is round the corner.

“Vijayakanth’s earlier films were colossal failures. He then thought hard and changed his original name of Vijayaraj to Vijayakanth, borrowing the ‘Kanth’ from superstar Rajinikanth albeit informally. Vijayakanth is a traitor who has betrayed the good deeds and gestures of Amma, our beloved chief minister. As such, people should teach him a fitting lesson.

“He has conveniently forgotten that but for Amma’s benign help, he wouldn’t be having so many MLAs in the Assembly at present. If he finds himself as the Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly today, it’s because of Amma’s generous gesture and help in allotting him that many seats and ensuring that his candidates won the seats in the last year’s Assembly elections.

“His status has gone to his head and he has betrayed Amma and AIADMK. I appeal to you all to teach Vijayakanth a fitting lesson by making his candidate lose deposit,” concluded Ramarajan.


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