Rama Narayanan’s:only three films released per week

Rama Narayanan's:only three films released per week

Rama Narayanan’s  after being elected as the new president of Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council for a record third time came with some striking announcements,Also 20 newly elected members took their charge on July 12th at the Film Champer premises.

Right after taking charge, Rama Narayanan also revealed the future plans of the council in the executive committe meeting convened by him.

The most important decision being there will be only three films released per week so that even small budget films will get beneficial.

To avoid low budget films not getting good theatres for their releases a new resolution  was passed:only  three new releases per week. To avail this benefit, First producers must register their films with the council along with its censor clearance certificate. Then the special committee formed for the purpose will decide the release dates based on seniority in registration.

Watch the Prodcuers Council Elections 2010

He added that this will come into effect immediately.

Other announcements made on the day were:

1. Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi will lay the foundation stone for the housing project for the producers in Paiyanur on August 22.

2. The monthly payment made to the senior producers would go up from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000

3. The monetary help paid to a deceased producer has been hiked from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh.

4. Council Members will get a financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 to meet the marriage expenses of their children.

5. Appeals will be made to the respective companies of technology like QUBE to reduce the prices of their products and services.

AVM Saravanan, Actors Council President Sarath Kumar,FEFSI President VC Guhanathan, ‘Four Frames’ Kalyanam, Radha Ravi,L Suresh, Vijaykumar and others were present during this event.


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