Ram Gopal Varma’s "God And Sex": To expose things happening in the ashrams of godmen

Ram Gopal Varma,the ace filmmaker is at it again.Known for making movies on sensational themes, Ram Gopal Varma is all set to direct a movie on the infamous scandal involving Swami Nithyananda and a popular actress.

Titled ‘God And Sex’, the Hindi film is expected to be dubbed and released in Tamil and Telugu too. RGV, who is currently busy with ‘Raktha Charithra’, the Vivek Oberoi and Surya starrer, will start ‘God And Sex’ soon, it is said.

Meanwhile, the director has clarified that the film is not going to be a biopic of Nithyananda. “God And Sex is definitely no biopic, but will examine and expose things happening in the ashrams of godmen,” he says.

Throwing light as to what made him to choose the godman scandal as the theme for his next film, RGV says, “because I am quite intrigued by the number of scandals these swamijis get involved it. This has become the order of the day of late.”


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