Rajnikanth regrets over an unfufilled dream

Rajni and K Viswanath
Rajni and K Viswanath

After Endhiran Rajnikanth’s is only flying higher. If you have been walking with us hand-in hand checking back for updates we had already mentioned his movie’s great response not just regionally but also amongst the internationally audience as indicated by IMDB besides that we also brought you recent updates about Mr. Rajni’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds.

The man is God to many and we too could not believe our ears when we heard that he still has an unfulfilled dream. Unfulfilled dream and Rajnikanth? You might be thinking we are joking.

At the anniversary function of the school run by his wife Latha, Rajni honored the veteran director-actor K Viswanath with a trophy for his remarkable contributions to the film industry, and mentioned.

“I once met Viswanathji at the airport. He was basking in the success of Sagara Sangamam, one of his biggest blockbusters. We got talking and he asked me if I could work in his film. I gladly agreed, but I had some prior commitments to fulfill. Our project got postponed and later never took off. Had I got the opportunity to work with him then, he would have shown a different Rajni to both the cine industry and me.”

In response, Mr. Viswanath immediately said, “You know Rajni, it isn’t too late even now!”

All we can say is we are more than happy to see our Rajni the way he is.

It’s never to late to start when its all about the art. Don’t you agree?



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