Rajinis reply to Political Entry Question

Rajini at Mumbai Airport

Will Rajini enter politics is a big question mark among the fans of Super Star Rajinikanth.

“I don’t know when and how I would come. But I will definitely come at the right time” this is a famous punch dialogue of Superstar Rajinikanth.

Though he hasn’t shown any inclination to come to the politics so far, his fans don’t take these words as mere filmy dialogue. They sincerely believe that this would come true one day or the other.

Rajini was in mumbai recently to organise a special screening of his extravaganza ‘Robot’ for his Bollywood buddies. As the Super Star arrived at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning (Oct 4th), a few reporters of leading News channels quizzed him as the Superstar was rushing his way through them!

Answering a question ““Any plans to get in to politics?” posed by an excited lady journalist, in his typical style, reminiscent of some of his one-liners from his films Rajini said, “No Comments”. Just to make sure if the answer was ‘No Plans’, the anxious journalist asked him the same question and even this time, with eyebrows raised the superstar with smile. said “I said No Comments”!

Will Rajini enter into politics? That is a million-dollar question.

Rajini speaks to journalists at Mumbai Airport



  1. naazira

    no politics no politics pls dont enter politics u always be super star and super hero in the hearts of ur fans dont be a leader as many millions of fans dont like it

  2. aarad

    Guys!!! who ever mentioned Rajini is a coward. kindly rethink!!!
    He is a legend.. who values every moment and every person.. He is defy not coward from any angle… He is in the film industry for ages now.. havent u guys seen that he is such a straigtfwd and open person. had he been a coward, he wouldnt hav stood in front of so many ppl on screen and not won hearts of millions of people.. 
    Dont u even dare talk that way u may get ur ass kicked for that!

  3. moorthy

    what great super star he is god gift in tamil nadu ,he will come any time in politics if he was come defenetely changes should be active.

              rajini moorthy.

  4. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu.......

    his reply for the same question in selam………….. unga pannatha neenga pathukanga en panatha na paathukren………………….

  5. sirajudeenmona

    this is the peak time for u to enter politic dont be afarid i will win and also rule tamil nadu so be brave and enter now

  6. senthil

    u guys are gave statment about rajinikanth????????
    he is not god… just a humen being… but every one should think if u guys are his position really what you guys are will do??????
    it is very easy to say such comments in ur position but harder think in his position, think his point of view
    go and do ur works and look ur carrier…… rajini will take care himself
    you guys  have rights to said such command but dont have age to said such comment …
    one example:  is ur family members listen ur taught? is they fully understand u? then ?????
    it is even harder to manage ur family right?? then how u guys said such commend?
    dont let nagative comments about any one without   fully knowing any one…


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