Rajini Kochadayan

Rajini’s Kochadaiyan shooting Kick Off

Rajini Kochadayan

Sources close to Soundarya, the high-profile younger daughter of superstar Rajinikanth, say that the superstar has already started shooting for his upcoming film Kochadaiyan which is directed by Soundarya herself. Director K.S. Ravikumar is penning the story, screenplay and dialogues in the film besides supervising Soundarya’s direction.

Rajini has been shooting for a week now, it is said. Sources at Ocher’s Studio owned by Soundarya say that the shooting has been held in a location at Raja Annamalaipuram in Chennai. In literal terms, it need not be referred to as ‘shooting’, they say. What has been happening is that the 2-dimensional sketches of drawn forms are used as ‘clay models’ using which the ‘figure’ of Kochadaiyan is formed and then it’s shot in miniature form using 5-D camera.

The images are then fed into a computer and converted into 3-D version. Rajini is ‘starring’ in the film by means of the many electro-magnetic wires which have been fixed to various pats of his body. Rajini does his many mannerisms, walking in ‘different’ styles, running, jumping, the ‘famous’ wave of his hands, etc. which is captured using the ‘motion capturing’ technique via computer.

Soundarya has silently started the project without much ado as she wants to take maximum out of her father without making him stretch his energies. As the superstar has almost regained his old health, Soundarya thought it better to kick off the proceedings without drawing media attention.


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