Rajinis Hara to be called Dheera

Rajinikanths Hara renamed DheeraIt was earlier updated that Rajinikanth’s Sultan the Warrior was gearing up for a January 2012 release and moreover there were plans being made to release the movie with a new title. The latest on Rajinikanths new project is that the movie will release under the title ‘Dheera’. Rajini’s daughter Soundarya zeroed in on ‘Dheera’ from a total of three likely options after much contemplation. We’re told that the title Dheera has been given preference since one of the Rajinis in the movie is also called by the same name.

The movie which commenced back in 2008 has been resurfaced after the project went on hold since the animation sequences needed to be touched up. In fact it was launched with the name Sultan the Warrior and later underwent a title change in Hara,(which promised a tax exemption) and now finally it’s Dheera. Apart from some great 3-D animation this new Rajini flick also has Isai Puyal A R Rahman contributing some wonderful soundscapes to make this a relishing experience.

So it’s Rajinikanths Dheera coming your way this January 2012.



  1. DK

    Soundarya’vukku inthu yellam theveya??pesama CG panrathille vitturukanam..summa direct panren solli yentha directionum illama padum nikkathu…adhigama over confident’a irukure ponnum urupadure sarithiram ille.

  2. Vasin

    Poda Mokkai, Everyone must be ambitious, everyone must try something that is currently impossible, should take risks, shouldn’t be afraid of ridicule….If you are like timid girls who wouldn’t want any problems in their lives just keep quiet. Don’t discourage those who try….You are a real Kena.

  3. Smile

    @DK….ethanaiyo mokkai padams edukuranga.Adhai ellam naama paakurom.Edhu oru animation flick,first time in kolly history i think adhan konjam delay agudhu pole.Probabaly it may be worth the wait.Let’s see…

  4. Vasin

    DK you are a country brute….graamathla ethavathu different a panna kindal pannuvaangale…antha type…Bangalore Bangalore nu adikadi sollkaatha..

  5. DK

    dai porambokku vasin..being confident is good but not over confident..im sure u guys know which category soundarya fits..that movie was suppose to be the 1st production of warner bros in india..later it went to adlabs..if not she is a daughter of Rajini do u think she would have got this offer??why they have to change the title so many times,if she is so confident about the movie??nee solrathuthan correct’nu ninaikathe..naan namma naadu pathi than perumaya pesuven..unna madri europe,states’nu volaramattein…poi nallavana urupadre velaiya paru.

  6. Vasin

    Hey Ram again a good one mate Sanskrit even if it comes in the form of Hinduism we must oppose it; if we are to copy something we must copy the West. Thamilar must ally with West; don’t worry about the stupid Islam influenced North India.

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