Enthiran Screened at Tromso International Film Festival

Enthiran at Tromo International Film Festival
Enthiran at Tromo International Film Festival

The ever-growing list of accolades pouring in for superstar Rajini’s ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ has another addition. The film, which broke the Indian box-office record for the highest box-office collection for a film in the country  last year, was screened for couple of days at the prestigious Tromso International Film Festival ( TIFF – January 18-23 2011), which is Norway’s largest film festival.

The annual event, held regularly since 1995, attracts more than 50,000 filmy buffs from around the world. Since 2006 TIFF has been screening more than 100 films from about 30 different countries. Filmmakers around the world consider it a prestigious affair and vie with each other to get their respective film(s) screened at Tromso, which usually reels under freezing cold. In fact, being held well above the Arctic Circle in the period of long polar darkness, it’s quite the coolest place to watch local and international films and even meet some of the fine folk behind them.

This year the only indian cinema that was screened in this film festival was Superstar Rajni-Shankar duo’s Enthiran: the Robot.  With state-of-the-art special effects and the highest-ever budget for an Indian film, Enthiran has been called the “Indian Avatar“ and has surely delivered science-fiction action on an epic scale. ‘Enthiran’ was shown for two consecutive days ((January 18 & 19 2011) amid reports that the international audiences were simply ‘bowled over’ by Rajni’s mannerisms and acting.

An Eelam tamil man called Vaseegaran Sivalingam, based in Norway, was instrumental in getting ‘Enthiran’ screened at the Festival,  who released the movie in Norway and Sweden when it was released.

He informs that ‘Enthiran’ was screened for two days in the ‘over drive’ category to thunderous and rapturous response from the international audience, a rare honour for an Indian film.

Our heartiest congratulation to Super Star Rajinikanth and Shankar for carving out a movie with international standards!!!

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