Rajinikanths Sultan The Warrior releases this January 2012

Rajinikanths Sultan The Warrior releases this January 2012

After the announcement of Rajinikanths Rana it seems that Rajinis Sultan The Warrior was almost shelved with not much news regarding the flick being surfaced in the cine circles. Now the animated historical drama film – Sultan The Warrior is back and the news couldn’t get any better with reports of the movie gearing up for a release in just about five months. In fact 95% of the movie has already been done with and daughter Soundarya and her Ocher studios are working round the clock for a January 2012 release. It is also heard that she and her team are on the hunt for a new name to rechristen this project.

Rajinis Daughter Soundarya had earlier revealed that it was the animation part that was taking much of the time and with daddy falling ill things had taken a backseat for the project, which was kick started as early as 2008. But now that Rajini is back to action they are making some quick decisions for the scheduled January release. The big budget 3-D offering, Sultan the Warrior will make a thumping entry in 18 languages including English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu across international theaters and with Isai Puyal Ar Rahman composing the scores fans couldn’t demand a better and deadlier combination. Meanwhile Rajinis other flick Rana will resume shoots this October with the Deepika Padukone playing the lead heroine for Rana.

So it’s is Rajinis – Sultan The Warrior making it to the theatrical release this January 2012 before his Rana.




  1. DK

    I doubt this animation flick will recieve warm reception fom audience..releasing in 18languages??i think its bit too much..guess soundarya is very over confident 😎

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