Rajinikanths Rana to kick start by November 1st week

Rajinikanths Rana to kick start by November 1st week

It’s been a long wait but bet the wait will be worth a million dollars. The resuming of Rajinikanths Rana has been awaited by Rajiniacs worldwide as they can’t just hold to see their hero back in action after recovering from his kidney ailment. Earlier Director KS Ravikumar and Rajini had met over discussing the script from a fresher angle and now we are told it’s the confirmation of the third heroine that’s keeping Rajini and KS waiting.

Leading Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has been already confirmed among the three while the hour-glass figured Ileana is being strongly rooted as the second heroine. The question over the third heroine has been lying unanswered for the meantime as the Director is weighing his options well before taking any decisions. While Deepika draws in crowds from North and Ilu pulls her Andhra strings gently, it’s believed that a crowning Tamil actress will step in to fill in the third spot.

Anyone supporting Trisha for Rana? Drop in your choice in the comments section below.



  1. Soola karuppan

    Sorry No Trisha ..shes so fake – how about amala paul( though not pure blood tamil -she looks and acts more tamilian than the ugly trisha)

  2. Smile

    Rajini kooda ulaga azhagiye nadichirukumbodhu Trisha ellam oru matter-a?Trisha is ok(bec both are slim and tall)but ammani othukanume….

  3. Smile

    You know something…Rajini rejected Sonakshi Sinha to play his heroine bec she is the daughter of his friend Shatrugan Sinha…she’s like a daughter to him too.How can a father romance his daughter?Andha erukura Sinhavuke eppadi yosikiraru thalaivar,indha erukura Kamal magal kooda nadikka avarala mudiyuma??

  4. Smile

    Shriya is younger than him no doubt but she looked matured in Shivaji.Moreover Shriya is in her late 20s whereas the above mentioned actresses are not even 20 except for Genelia.

  5. Smile

    Appadi sollale…Rajini is old than all actresses…avarukku perfect age le heroine-a nadikanumna we have to bring back Sri devi,Sri Priya etc which is not going to happen.Age is not a problem but the heroine should look mature when acting with a older hero.Appo than onscreen le paaka nalla erukum.Or else it will look like a father and daughter.Just imagine Hansika as Rajini’s heroine….you will know.

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