Rajinikanths Next Film Rana-an entirely new project for 2012 release

Rajinikanth's next film Rana
Rajinikanth's next film Rana

Enthiran gave Tamil cinema it’s very own emotional robot by presenting fans with Chitti the Robot and just when fans were eagerly waiting their Superstar in an animated avatar here comes a startling discovery.Now there were speculations regarding the offer made to Deepika Padukone to star with Rajini  (Not sure if it was Hara) but we guess the curtains have been raised.

Rajinikanth and KS Ravikumar have joined hands for an entirely new project (no it’s not Hara for those of you still wondering).The movie is titled “Rana” a multilingual to be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and surprisingly Rajini will be a play a triple hero, yes you heard it right – 3 different roles.Well it does bring back memories of Moondru Mugam, the last time he was seen in 3 roles.

Rana is co produced by Eros International and Ocher Studios. Sunil Lulla, Managing Director, Eros International Media Ltd confirms the news, “We are extremely excited to join hands with the icon of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth for Rana and he will be in a triple role in this one. It is going to be something different from his previous movies and fans can look forward to a complete live action magnum opus with loads of entertainment.”

Soundarya Rajinikanth, Director of Ocher Studios Private Limited says, “We are pleased to join hands with Eros Internationl for Rana and this one will be for each and everyone of you as we hope to reach out to all those expectations along with capturing a global audience.”

AR Rahman has been again roped in for this one after he scored for Rajini’s recent flick Enthiran. Cinematography will be taken care of by Randy while editing is to be handled by Anthony, a winning combination again from the Enthiran team. Rajeevan will take up Art direction duties. Technical and special effects will be co handled by daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth and Emmy award winning Charles Darby from Eyeqube Studios.

The movie will go on floors this March and will be expected as a 2012 release.

Now where did Sultan – The warrior go into hiding? and is Aishwarya playing the princess again this time for Rana? are some questions left unanswered, but don’t worry we will find the answers soon for you.



  1. Vasin

    Dei Ennangada ‘thalaiva’ ‘thalaiva’ nukittu. Rajnik onga favourite actor’nuttu niruthikonga. Adima kootama Cattle’a thaan irka poareengala kalakalathkum?

  2. Vasin

    Yes Why can’t Rajnik make a movie per year? In the las 6 years he has done only 3 though all are wonderful except that last sottai part in Sivaji.

  3. stupid_vijay

    “Cinematography will be taken care of by Anthony while editing is to be handled by Ratnavelu”
    first do a proof read before publishing some thing. it should be 
    “Cinematography will be taken care of by Ratnavelu while editing is to be handled by Anthony
    This shows the class of kollytalk.com. Stupids.

  4. Ram

    The news came 2 year back that K S Ravikumar want’s to do with Thala Ajith of first time in triple role name as KANGAIYAN now for Super star Rajini RANA

  5. GUY

    HELLO!! Cinematography will be taken care of by Anthony while editing is to be handled by Ratnavelu!!

  6. prince

    தலைவா, இனி வருஷத்துக்கு 2 படமாவது கொடுக்கணும் உங்களின் உயிர் ரசிகன் 

  7. Stanly

    boss deepika padakone she s a bitch……..the heroin should be changed………der a lot f god heroins in d industry

  8. Superstar

    Dey echa baadu …. thevidiyaaa paiyaa …..thevidiyaaa paiyaa….thevidiyaaa paiyaa….
    Thalaivarae thalaivar nu thaanda solluvom …. Nee unga aathavae kandaaroli naa solluvae ? 
    Poi un velaiyaa paar da Kandaroli mavanae ….

  9. naz

    i think aishwarya is tha heroine of rajni kanths movie rana.she is sooo beautifull.i am wating for aishwaryas new movie

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