Rajinikanths cameo appearance in Shahrukh Khans Ra One completed and revealed

EXCLUSIVE Rajinikanths cameo appearance in Shahrukh Khans Ra One completed and revealed

October 2nd 2011 (Gandhi Jayanthi day) was a national holiday for Indians , but the day will go down in history for just one more special reason – the day when Sultan Rajinikanth and the princely Shahrukh Khan came together to create magic . It has been confirmed that our Sultan decided to make a trip up amchi Mumbai to kick start the shooting schedule for his surprise cameo appearance for the Shahrukh-Kareena starter Ra.ONE.

The shoots were carried out in less than three hours and have come out brilliantly according to sources present at the sets of Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods Studio in Mumbai . The script has been modified to avoid giving any extra strain to Rajini as he went against the will of doctors and his family members who had advised him to take rest till November. Howsoever Rajni thought that October 2nd would be a nice day to resume work (remember the date was said to be October 4th ) and Mumbai the right destination, since the movie is a Bollywood offering.

Now how can we leave you without revealing the most talked about scene in Indian cinema ? The swashbuckling action sequence involves our Sultan saving the day for King Khan – Shahrukh, who is left unarmed amongst a deadly villainous group, all set and ready to pounce on the poor guy. But who helps those who can’t help themselves? (lol :)) it’s namma ‘Thalaivar’ Rajinikanth. He rides his way into the silver screen in a jumbo vehicle and all he needs is to whisper his commands with the machines doing the Yes-master act as they suck up each and every gun and knife from the hands of enemy territory. And if that’s not enough here it goes…..Boom! the dialogue from his epic flick Basha “Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna madhiri (When I have said something once, it should be assumed that I have said it a hundred times) .

Shahrukh Khan’s Ra.One will be releasing on October 26th in Tamil and Telugu too. The actor confirmed the news saying, ‘ Misconcepts, misunderstood stressed and then Rajini sir walks on sets & you know why God made films. Thanks Soundarya for making our dream come true Ra.One has completed today. Rajini sir blessed it. Have tears in my eyes of gratitude & only prayers and love for his whole family. You complete us sir.’

The movie has already generated enough hype with hip-hopper Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam’  we meant Akon  going to SMACk THAT !!! With his ad-libbing Tamil lyrics in one of the songs titled ‘Chamak Challo’.

An interesting release, awaiting the whole of Indian nation.



  1. Tamilan

    WOW! Thats great!
    Initially I thought it was just a rumour..
    but now it has been shot completely…!
    So, Ra one is going to be in my list of must watch film this Deepavali!

  2. Chinna R

    hey guys..no velayudham or yezham arivu…its Ra one now..which gonna win the race for this Diwali..its confirmed now thalaivar is second hero in Ra One..amo pa he only comes for a second..appo second hero thane!! 😉  THALAIVAR ROCKS!!!!!!!

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