Rajinikanth under observation in Singapore and is doing fine


Doctors at the Singapore hospital say that superstar Rajinikanth, who was admitted to the hospital in the wee hours of Saturday for further treatment of his kidneys, is doing fine and appears ‘cheerful’. The 61-year old superstar’s health has been a topic of hot discussion in the State and elsewhere as it’s been a month since Rajini got admitted to a Chennai hospital.

Rajini fell ill on the evening of 29th April, the day his ‘Rana’ was launched and continues to remain in hospital, though he switched from Isabel Hospital, Mylapore to SRMC Hospital, Porur. He has just landed up in Singapore 48 hours back and has been admitted to the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, said to be the finest hospitals and the most modern hospital in the South East Asian region.

Prior to leaving for Singapore, Rajini had recorded an audio message to millions of his fans and sounded cheerful as he thanked all his fans, well-wishers and others for their continued support and the prayers they had been performing for his recovery. “I will be back soon, hopefully, with the help of the Almighty and with the support of all of you,” he had said in the audio-message.(Click here to hear Rajini Audio Message)

Hospital sources say Rajinikanth and his family members are happy with the specialist doctors and hospital facilities. The hospital is famous for its kidney related ailments where popular Indian politician Amar Singh underwent a kidney transplant treatment in the year 2009. Unlike in India where the media throngs him wherever he goes, Rajini is said to be enjoying the ‘privacy’ at the hospital in Singapore.

We all hope that Rajini’s fans would respect his right to privacy and the need to take complete rest for a speedy improvement his health condition.




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