Rajinikanth to construct a hi tech hospital for the needy in Vandalur

Rajinikanth to construct a hi tech hospital for the needy in Vandalur

The news of ‘1008 Rajinikanth Tiripur fans tonsuring their heads’ simply displayed the huge respect, unending love and Godly status that – ‘The Phenom’ Rajinikanth enjoys among his fans. Now in an act of giving back so to say, we are told that Rajini plans to establish his own private hospital in Vandalur,Chennai.

Rajini’s elder brother Sathyanarayana Rao has confirmed the reports stating, “Land has been acquired near Vandalur for the purpose of setting up a hospital.” The hospital will be the first of it’s kind and will offer state-of-the art technology for all it’s patients. Rajini also plans to provide free treatment to the bare and needy ones, contributing his noble share to the betterment of the society.

Many would remember his blockbuster hit Sivaji, in which Thalaivar aims at building hospitals and educational institutions to serve the poor without any charge. Known for his larger than life image both onscreen and off screen, Rajini holds true for the fact that he is and will always be the one with a golden heart.



  1. Smile

    @Nanban…No,I didn’t say he was GOD.No one can be GOD.He’s doing a charitable deed for the people so what’s wrong in calling him a person with a heart of gold?

  2. Nanban

    @Smile…It is absolutely wrong calling people like Rajini Heart of Gold. If you call mother Teresa Heart of Gold, I will Salute you! Not these cinema business people. Naan Pichchikarargala Thaandi Kovilukku Pooi Saami Kumbidura Aal Ella. (Just saying name of their Karma). I went kovil last 21 years 2 times. I am looking people through their past. Rajini did not do lot of thing for his fans, compare with his income. Eventhough those income most of them came from his fans. Now he got the death fear, he trying to do something. This is not a big deal. Some old people giving their property to charities after their death. I am looking Rajini’s this activities also like that. he doing these while he living thats it! We can welcome it! that is enough!

  3. DK

    @Nanban..i appreciate ur concern..but why dont u preach the same on social networking sites instead of kollytalk??..rajini might not be as compassionate as mother teresa,but what wrong as he done??he is building a hospital from his hard earned money…all his fans dont donate money to him..they spend money for watching his movies..even i dont encourage some of his fans over doing or over showing their affection to him(garland n milk bath)..mind u,some even do lot of good gesture as donating many things..anyways,Rajini building a hospital when he realized the importance of health care or realizing the amount of affection n love given by tamilians to him,so donating a hospital inturn as gratitude is no wrong..either ways its a good deed..i dont understand one thing..this ECHO(comments)is not for popularity contest..trust u guys are not looking for any popularity??if u seriously so concerned about the society,why dont u guys go to other relevant sites or open a blog on the same issue??hope u guys are not wannabe filmstars n crave for attention??

  4. DK

    Dai mairandi mangamandenya vasin…eppadi da health problem’kum sports academy’kum sambantham paduthure???didnt u heard sportstars getting ailment as bad as cancer,heart attack,leprosy,AIDS,stroke,paralysed n all??UK’le yavlo sports academy n yavlo hospitals irukku da,which is more??im sorry to say this..godforbid if ur loved ones is death ridden will u take them to academy of sports or hospital??guess since u feel hospital is not important, thats why u gone mental..see a psychiartist asap.

  5. danger

    pongada podalangaaaaaaaaaaaaa pasangalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    enga thalaivar avar stylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    osila treamentku varumboduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu unaku nurse akakita sooolliiiiiiiiii unaku frotla injection poda solran eruuuuuuuuu

  6. danger

    kindal enda paru set agala       

    ne un pra  sundallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll nu vachukooooooooooooo

  7. Smile

    @Nanban…I don’t know much abt Rajini so i don’t know what he did or didn’t.But if he has to attract so much people,that much regards people have for him.Why would they do so much for a star?So much as to(though it’s silly to do so) tonsure their heads or take up vows etc??And for that,Rajini could have just gone away with a “thanks” or given each and every one of his fans a t-shirt with his autograph/photograph on it.No one could have questioned him on that.But he has decided to repay their love and regards in this way,by building a hospital for the needy.Like you said,he may have got the fear of death and thought bec he was an affluent person,he could afford treatment but what about the less fortunate and thus,decided to build a hospital.Don’t compare Mother Theresa with an actor.She was a divine lady who dedicated her life to selfless service.Yes,she is a person with heart of gold.Should a person be recognized with a heart of gold only if she or he helps out at orphanages,give their property to charity homes after death etc.??Whatever the reason,Kodikanakkana panatha lockerle pooti vechu kashtapadravangalukku udhavadhavanum erukkan,oru velai sothuku kooda vazhi illainalum aduthavanukku help pannravanum erukkan.It does not matter whether a person is rich or poor.Anyone can help the needy in their way.And who ever does it must be having a heart of gold regardless of their financial status.

  8. Nanban

    @Smile…One thing I can notice through your reply, You know that something wrong in some where. But, You dont know what is that. That is Rajini or Rajini’s Fans? Normally Other country people say that “Indian are Sentimental Idiot”. Why they are saying like this? Because of, their are folowing their leader or cinema hero blindly. This is not only happening in Tamil Nadu, Other state too. I never hate the people who helping poors. Sametime, I dont like the people who act like the stupid. You might be read the news about 1008 Rajini’s fans tonsure their heads. Do you thing they all really want to do that? Most of them did for fun. If you agree or not, that is a reality. I participated some sencitive protest against genocite, I saw the people just came there for their fun (some of them drunk). So, dont judge the person popularity through the poor people supports. They always thinking atleast this person can solve their problem. The reality, time to time they are cheating by these people. Buliding a hospital, it is OK. Let see how far that hospital going to reachable these poor people!

  9. Smile

    In tamil,there is a proverb.”Saami varam kuduthalum poosari thadukkum.”That is even if GOD decides to help the devotee,obstacle comes in the form of the priest who stands in between them.Don’t think i am comparing Rajini with GOD…I am not.But my point is even if he builds that hospital with good intentions,the hospital management may not allow it to run successfully.So as u said,it may not reach the needy as promised.This is not the only case.It has been happening,is happening and will happen.Nothing is going to change.

  10. Smile

    Ada Rama,theriya thanama vaaya kuduthuttean….

    @Nanban….Eniyum argue panradhuku i am not ready.Nalla erukura aalaiyum mental akardhuku oruthar indha forumle suthikitu erukar.Avarukkum ungalukkum oru understanding erukunu enakku theriyadhu sir.I am sorry for that.You win!

    Henceforth,my humble request to others,if u r a supporter of this group,please do not reply to my comments…..enakku paithiyum pidikudhu!!!!!!!

  11. Nanban

    @Smail…”Don’t think i am comparing Rajini with GOD… I am not”. You read me very fast.  😎

  12. Nanban

    @DK…I am also Rajini’s fan. He is a living example of hardwork and simplicity. I think that his this activities little bit late. Its OK until it is not too late. I started concern about the society when I was 19. (now I am 36). I have my own free education project. Almost 17 years I did not got the chance to implement that project. I designed that project for my village people. Next month I am going to start my first step. Still I dont know where. I am planing to meet some people and get some help (not money). If I succeed, I will start in 2012. I am not trust anyone.  I will do what I can do. It is only for my satisfaction. I am OK with that.

  13. duplicate vasin

    hello vasin

    pudusa sollanumnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ne oru kurangu jenmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. DK

    @nanban..appreciate atleast rajini started..dont criticise him..its not mandatory for any successful man to help the needy..its left to individual..even rajini started from scratch..hope u will fulfill ur ambition.. all the best

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