Rajinikanth refuses Sharukh Khan's BMW

Rajinikanth refuses Sharukh Khan’s BMW 7 Series Gift

Rajinikanth refuses Sharukh Khan's BMW

Earlier we reported, Bollywood hero Sharukh Khan was planning to gift brand new BMW 7 series car to our own Superstar for making his special appearance as Chitti in Shahrukh Khan’s recent release Ra One.

However, the latest buzz is that Rajini,who is well known for his simplicity has politely turned down SRK’s present. The Superstar is said to have told SRK that he does not have the habit of using such luxurious vehicles and never uses them. Shahrukh is said to have bowled over by Rajini’s simplicity.

Even still the Superstar reserves the white fiat car, which he bought at the beginning of his career and always wishes to travel in his white coloured ambassador.

This shows an example of Rajini’s simplicity and down to earth nature. Rajini is a person who never forgets his roots even after reaching heights.

Kudos Rajini!!



  1. delhi

    its funny u really think they are following ur post.. I first thought u were not serious but when you went on to advice that it still does not show any good.. I burst out laughing.. 

  2. Mike

    Rajini ! you are the man. I suggest rajini could make SRK to donate the sum to a charitable organisation of Rajni`s choice…

  3. spoilers

    this is f u c k ing bad that people talk of simplicity …. if it is simplicity he would charge cores while doing a film or ask for rights when the film is releasing this is why i hate India … contry only for few clowns and rest clap their hands and shake their heads and laugh what ever these clowns do !! do u know a farmer works entire life can’t make the money of that sought while thes clowns make cores and people still say they are simple What the F U C K !!!!!!!!

  4. Indian

    I am also a person living abroad.. I totally disagree with you.. I am not supporter of anybody.. Talking the fact..
    You are trying to tie Simplicity & Poverty (Rajnikanth & Farmer)… Simplicity is nothing but a person who has everything & would like to live normal life.. Hope you will understand the other end..
    Again you are trying to tie up with Simplicity & profession.. will you give up you profession because people are hungry around world !! Its all the same..
    Rajnikanth may be an actor or in your words clown.. He is not a person who was born with a Silver / Gold spoon or having strong background.. He was from the bottom status to this heights… Would you or me able to to do this.. Let us all Just Think for a second before commenting !!

    You are a Very good Complainer, you have a good qualities of Indian politican !!

  5. Against spoilers

    Hey spoiler,

    what the F… u know about Mr.Rajini,,, when commenting on some of great diwan u should mind the words before using them.. what is the case if rajini accepted the gift? anyways ur response will be opposite to that…Any ways u r not going to accept it… I guess u’ll be having lots of work to do in your routine life… Please dont spit your words as if u know everything about everyone… Im an indian and im a tamilan and die hard fan of rajini… mind one thing- u alone cannot change the world..

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