Rajinikanth (Endhiran) Vs Vijay (Kavalkaran) in August

Rajinikanth (Endhiran) Vs Vijay (Kavalkaran) in August

At his initial stages of cinema career Vijay claimed that he was a hard core fan of Rajinikanth.And Rajinikanth has also said in a stage program that “Vijay is always my fan”.

Those are all old stories. Now Vijay has shifted his route from Rajinikanth to MGR. Rajinikanth has also shifted in favour of Ajith kumar. At this instance interesting news is heard in the Kodambakkam circles that two big stars starring films are getting released at the same time. Rajinikanth’s ‘Endhiran’ is ready for release in August. Vijay’s 51st film ‘Kavalkaran’ is also expected to hit screen in August.If it happens it is going direct Rajinikanth (Endhiran) Vs Vijay (Kavalkaran) in August.

‘Kavalkaran’ is the remake of Malayalam flick ‘Bodyguard’. Director Siddhique directed ‘Bodyguard’ and he is also directing the Tamil version ‘Kavalkaran’. Director Siddhique has the habit of taking the films in 30 days in Malayalam; the same pace can be seen in the progress of ‘Kavalkaran’. The film is expected to hit the screens in August.

Vijay is a self confident person but will it be to the extent of facing ‘Endhiran’. We have to wait and see.



  1. Khader

    dai paradesi pasangala, avanga rendu perum nadichutu kasa vangittu poiruvanga neenga ethukuda thevaillama sanda poduringa,

    it verum cinema da

  2. Anonymous

    Rajini rocks
    vijay sucks
    Rajini tiger ma
    vijay poone ma
    dont compare thalaivar to that somberi first tell him to compete with ajith surya vikram mad idiots of vijay

  3. Anonymous

    Viajy can never ever beat rajini.
    he has already digged a big hole for his dead body as he is going to commit sucide for his continuous flops?

    he is not next SUPER STAR
    he is NEXT FLOP STAR

    have u watched vijya's anger in press meet for the failure of vijay's film?

    really a great comedy to watch for

    ha ha ha ha ha aha haahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Anonymous

    All guys… I accept if vijay make hit he is a good actor..Punda oru padam olunga edukka thuppu illa. ivan lam nadika vanthutan…first know abt him..baba and kusealan film rajiniku flop achu rajini produceruku lose an money get back to all..kandara oli ivanala oru producer sucide pannaru anybody remeber G.V he produced Tamilan film. and now he continuosly flop he didnt repay anyone..tell me guys he is an actor??…I am Surya working TCS, project leader.(nanum ambalathanda..)

  5. Anonymous

    ayyo ayyo ore sirippu siruppa varuthu poo
    in tha commentku ""evan sonnalam VIJAYY beat SOTTTTTTTTTTTTAI RAJINI" Unnoada address solla mudiyuma?"

    Vijay endrume illamaya irupana?
    avanum oru nal kilavanthan

    but the point here is ore kilvankooda sanda pootu thothuporane,ivanellam amabalaya
    potta thane
    saree uduthalame?????????????
    ha ha ha ha

  6. 222222

    you know one thing,

    for every rajini films, many ediots said it will become a flop.

    Everyone knows what happened to those films.

    eg:recently chandramukhi and Shivaji.

    After the blockbuster hit of those films worldwide,those ediots were not even able to open the mouth,

    But on the other hand, Vijay's films are flopping continously.

    He will soon become a guest role artist.not fit for comedian also.

    HE has acted in 50 films but not able to show any differentiation as surya did in his 25 films.

    He is xerox copy bastard.

  7. thalaivan

    kandaroli punda…………………………………………..did u see tat vijay gave a party

    unga thalaivar rajini ah!
    first oru varshathuka 3 padatha vida sollu

    avar a heroin ah vachka sonna ponna vachukraru aiyo koduma

  8. thalaivan

    poda komalaka

    rajini veetu munadi evalvu producer paru(only 1 or 2)

    but for vijay many

    producers r afraid to go to rajini bcoz his film will be a flop

  9. Dass

    Hi guys…… vijay pathi harsh words use panni neenga evloa pesnalum enga ILAYATHALAPAHI epaum tamil nadu chella pillai dan…. even in pokkiri movie he mentions ETHANA RAJINI PADAM PATHURUPOM…. he is always a rajini fan…….

  10. Robo

    Shut up mgr college asingam. Nothing can face a star. Even ashes wont remain if something goes near star. Rajinikanth, our Thalaivar, is the SUPERSTAR, the maestro. Vijay is famous only over dirts of Tamil nadu. SSRK is having Universe-wide fans. Thalaivar's Kuselan grossed 27 crores which is regarded as a flop movie. Your vijay's biggest hit is Gilli. But it grossed only 25 crores. Know about the person before speaking about him. 'Sappa' vijay is no match to 'THE HIGHNESS'.

  11. Angry reader

    If Vijay is xerox copy bastard, what about Rajini? Look at his career, his most hit movies are remake from Hindi and Malayalam. You should know Chrandramukhi is worst remake of original malayalam film "Manichitrathazhu". Chandramukhi is no where near to the original. I am not fan of Vijay and Rajini. Both are xerox copy bastards.

  12. Angry reader

    Trailer of Endhiran is completely awful. I like sci-fi movies but shankar has no brain. He copy from Hollywood movies and now, this trailer remains of Will Smith "I,Robot". Oh! my God, what an awful idea? making a robo to fall in love with woman. Shankar, please commit suicide.

  13. aa

    Angry reader,

    It is a greatest sci fiction movie in Asia.

    You are comparing hollywood movies with enthiran . this is a great praise to enthiran , rajini ,sankar and team.

    bastard vijay cannot even be a comedian in that movie.

    Never ever , bastard vijay can near milestones of Rajini – The legendry SUPERSTAR of India and God of Tamil cinema.

  14. jai

    If any one actor had dhil to face rajinikanth………..(except kamal hasan)..vijay has that confidence in film industry….No other actors have this……so he is a only man.

  15. reyon

    dear vijay we want a big hit from u.so piz don`t compete with Rajni`s film .it`s foolishnes.make "kaval kadhalan ' a big one so that we can able to make our head straight in front of otrhers.   

  16. [email protected]

    This is not correct what you said.  Rajini is emperor of Indian Cinema.  The is not said by him, by people.
    Vijay told that lot of time about Rajini "Thalaiva" and he is always Rajini's fan.  Vijay know what is the power of Rajini and he is giviing respect to Rajini a lot as his superior.  Why are you fighting yourself.  Avoid it.

  17. kevin

    dont talk much about Rajini or Vijay you people have any right to talk about them.
    they are very good people. they know how tough to act in the movies.
    just we people go and watch movies. so we cant comment like that.

    Super Rajini/Eliyathalpati Vijay Rocks..

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