Rajinikanth backs Anna Hazares democratic protest

Rajini supports Anna Hazare

The film industry observed a day-long fast yesterday to express solidarity with Gandhian Anna Hazare, who is on an indefinite fast in New Delhi to press the Union Government to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

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The Bill seeks to bring every Indian citizen indulging in corrupt deeds under its purview, thereby making even the Prime Minister of the country accountable.

Superstar Rajinikanth, who is taking rest following his return to Chennai from Singapore during mid-July, didn’t take part in the fast as he had to follow a prescribed diet and take medicines. In a statement, though, the ‘man of the masses’ has expressed his appreciation of the non-violent protest by Hazare. He has also described the 74-year old Hazare as his ‘hero’.

The statement issued by Rajinikanth said: “Without an iota of doubt, it is certain the corruption is the single-most disease affecting the polity today. I whole-heartedly appreciate Anna Hazare who is trying his best to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed in Parliament. I feel happy that we have got an able leader in Hazare to raise voice against corruption in the country.

“My heart goes out to Anna in his mission to get the Bill enacted by the Parliament. I would also like to appreciate my fellow country-men who have joined the issue with Hazare in various parts of the country. Only in India can such a protest, sans bloodshed, become a mass movement. I’m really proud to be an Indian,” the statement concluded thus.



  1. Vasin

    Isn’t this crazy?

    How can you chase corruption away in a democratic country through judiciary? Enna £100 adicha 6 months, £100,000 adich life na?…Crazy man.

    In the way my brain works (it always works in the sex direction) to remove corruption you should change the mindset of growing and young. Now if I want the next door girl I should run harder when I gor my runs, do more push up and sit ups, make sure my sweat doesn’t offend by regular bathing….and so on. Now if I want to impress her with a Jaguar then certainly I can be corrupted. Therefore if we make people preoccupied with thoughts of girls and their own bodies corruption will disappear. 

  2. Super sugu

    First cinemakaranga, ipâdi ellathukum voice kodukradha nirunthungo….

    Ivanga vaangradhae BLACK money la and support for Anna HAZARE…..

    Trying to fool the ppl , nothin  else…….

  3. Vasin

    Yeah….If girls strickedly choose only those who could demonstrate an ability for hardworking then corruption will go away. The world is created by women and is indirectly run by woman; every guy’s ultimate goal would be a girl so isn’t it a good idea to manipulate corruption levels through girls? Not through judiciary. 

  4. S M

    ரஜனி தாதா சாக போர வயதிலுமா விளம்பரம் ஆசை.

    வரவர எதில் விளம்ரம் தேடுவதுனு விவஸ்தை இல்லமல் போய்விட்டது.

  5. S M

    கவேரி நீர்ல விளம்பரம் தேடி கர்நாடகவுல உதை வாங்கிட்டு. 

    இப்பொ அண்ணா ஹசாரே உண்ணாவிரதத்தில் விளம்பரம் தேடி எங்க உதை வங்க போரிங்கலோன் தெரியலை

    வரவர எதில் விளம்ரம் தேடுவதுனு விவஸ்தை இல்லமல் போய்விட்டது

  6. Chinna R

    dai nollamari..nee yenna plan panren’nu theriyum..yaaravathu voru appavi paiyyane madakki podalamnu pakriya???athuku oru azhagana mangaiya irukanam unne madri oru thirunangaiya irukka kudathu..poi london bridge kitte homeless kezhavanunge irukanunge paaru..avanuge kidaipanunge po try pannu.. 🙂

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