Rajini votes for AIADMK, Karunanidhi blames him as backstabber

Rajini votes for AIADMK

Exercising one’s franchise is one of the basic democratic rights bestowed on each and every citizen of the country by the makers of our Constitution. It has also been made mandatory that the vote should be kept a ‘secret’ and shouldn’t be revealed to anyone.

Superstar Rajinikanth, though has ‘by-passed’ this provision of the Constitution not once but twice in the past decade. The man, widely perceived by many as the future ‘chief minister’ of the State, voted at a booth in his locality on the day of polling. Whether he did it purposely or not, the symbol for which he voted has been ‘caught’ by the cameras which surrounded him.

Rajini was literally ‘mobbed’ by the media-men, print and photo journalists, the moment he entered the booth. Even as he reached the EVM to cast his vote, some over-enthusiastic cameramen got behind Rajini and caught ‘on camera’ to which symbol/party the superstar voted for. Rajini, on his part, didn’t seem to care much about whether the camera picked his voting or not!

One thing is for sure: Rajini didn’t vote for the ruling party(Needless to say he voted for AIADMK). Later in the day, when he had an appointment to watch the film ‘Ponnar Shankar’ along with Kalaignar Karunanidhi, Rajini felt very embarrassed to be sitting with the Octogenarian politician who was reportedly lamenting to lyricist Vairamuthu that Rajini had ‘backstabbed’ him in the most unexpected manner!



  1. Urvashi

    Rajinikanth did not lift the machine and show who he voted for. It’s the bunch of paparazzis who killed Diana in France has again killed democracy in India for that extra 100 rupees per print. 🙂 It’s really good to see 75% of turn out on the poll day. It means people are looking for a change of governance. EC seems to have done a commendable job with the help of government staffs, cops, and armies. Hope, there will  be a day where there will be cops and armies outside poll boths for people to walk in and vote freely.

    JJ should not take revenge politics once she is back, she should concentrate on development instead. Tamil nadu was an energy-surplus state in India 5 years ago, supplying to neighbouring states. Today, the power consumption has gone up due to industrilaization and urbanization and the government has failed to take necessary preventive measures to sustain the demand and supply ratio.

    Rain Harvest is one of the modern techniques where the State can benefit quickly than hoping for linking rivers that may take 2-5 years provided there is no political hindrance.

    100,00,000 crore state deficit and 1 rupee rice is the stupidest way of fund management.  When power cut is common for basic needs, Televisions and Laptops can not be run on water, petrol, and alchohol – what is the guarantee for extra electricity to use these gadgets?

    Drink cheap alchohol, eat susidized rice, and enjoy TV at home is a retrogrwoth governance. When 20% of TN population live in dire poverty, laptops are skewed presentation of reality. Chennai has certainly benefited more from DMK and also other cities and towns in the State. However, it looks like DMK never wanted to develop villages where no scope of investment existed.

    MK Stalin is an able minister. However, the fedualism among ferrocious siblings are not going to let him have the cake easily. Hope, MK will not end up being a bride’s maid than a maid one day. If JJ can centralize her governance and give equal power other ministers, TN will witness another growth tangent more than Gujarat. My sincere request to JJ, if she orders that none be fallen at her feet in public, that would a sign of her evolved maturity in public life.

    When JJ comes, I’m sure there will a series of encounters and Gautam Menon can be ready for new flicks. Cinema will get a complete freedom from the clutches of K. Vijayakanth should hopefully be a decent man like on screens.

    Kutchatheevu, Sethusamuthiram, Cauvery Water, Periyar Dam, Power Cut, Water, Rowdism, Film Freedom, Extocism, Empowerment of Police, Unemployment, Creamy Layer, Pujaris Back To Temples, Green Tamil nadu, More Focus on Sports, More Investment will be the topics during the coming JJ regime.

    JJ should not interfere on 2G and waster her time as it’s under GOI purview.  Hopefully, there will not be a long traffic signal hold while Amma is out on the prowl.

    She should not close the new secretariate, the library, other ongoing flyovers, projects such as cleaning coovum, etc.

    She should feel who benefits from these projects instead of who initiated them….

    Amma will have tough time as Media has gone to a different level in India. It looks like media can bring any government down or culprit out….

    May Amma be Aware of This!!!!

  2. abc

    shameless media people. look at the policeman who is stading next to rajini…he is very much interested in looking at who he is voting..

  3. san

    India is great. I love india and warm welcome and culture. See these Indians worst to all other nationals.
    Modern day Indians have the following chatrecters than other nationals have
    firstly decensy (too noosy about others job) (best example comparing thier coulleges salary)
              (females comparing their gold standard)
    Secondly Cleanliness (instead of complaining govt authorities of cleaning their area It is good to keep their area and environment clean.
        even though I am from tamil Nadu I feel shame to see spitting throwing garbage every where.(remember this is our country dont urinate every where(this is our mother land)
    Thirdly selfishness.(people do good show off now a days with their income. they spend only for themselves not for community or society or for the poor)
    fourthly these %$#@&^ politicians not feeling shame to eat others money.

    any way rajini is an ordinary citizen who has rights to vote anybody

  4. vijay

    are we demotratic?? first of all no one has right to interfere in others interest… if rajini is interested to vote to ADMK, then he has every right to do it. Then my doubt is why do media people are so keen to kill others privacy? coomon man is suffering from problems in his day to day life… why cant this media people sove their prooblems rather than peeping into this celebrities personal life… then as far as rajini is concerned, he is a great man and ideal personality… and he proved it while casting his vote…

  5. f u

    come on rajini, he didnt want to go that event, karunandhi invited him so as a respect he went thats all, no backstabber, ur the backstabber on these tamil people

  6. owl

    nothign to get confused off, just like vijay living with an illusion of he is a hero onscreen and in real life liek the same rajini thinks he is motte booshh!! so that he coulod do anything  😀

  7. owl

    theres nothign to get confused of, its just like vijay living with an illusion of ” he is a hero onscreen and in real life”  like the same rajini thinks he is motte booshh!! so that he could do anything, who give a f about this kabodhi. but one thing in in case kabodhi gets a chance to stand, then rajini’s state will be miserable.then rana la 7 heroin illa ranave illa.

  8. owl

    Just like vijay living with an illusion of ” he is a hero onscreen and in real life”  like the same Rajini thinks he is motte booshh!! so that he could do anything, who gives a* F* about this kabodhi.

    But one thing in in case kabodhi gets a chance to stand, then rajini’s state will be miserable.then rana la 7 heroin illa Ranaave illa.

  9. Aravind

    Respect from karunanthi means he expects some thing from u…that kurutu kabothi nevr respects the people for their mind..only for power or money or fame…yen Anna Hazae pathi muche vidual entha kabothi….bcas he is the root for all corrupts….

  10. Aravind

    the most corrupted CM and also he is the one who started corruption and also the caste politics…when DMK first contested poll in Kamaraj period he insisted Annadurai to give seats to people who belong to majority community in their areas…thus he is the root cause for all the problems….he just follows the policy of didvide and rule of british people….stalin wife is cousin to him,MK Alagiri(the most indecent and foolish rowdy) wife is from malayasia where her dad is a multi millonaire,Kanimozhi first married a Nadar of famous Sivakasi firecracker family,then had many husbands,MK Tamilarsu(he is in cbe) got married to a famous bus and jewellar owner of Mudaliyar community from Anthiur erode dist,his grandsons married only forward caste gals such a Kirthika udyanidhi from Nattukottai chettiyar,Durai dayandhi married Iyer gal…..do u know the wife of dyanidhi maran????she is the nice of hindu N.Ram…she is the daughter of Ram’s elder bro rangarajan……like these they will marry in caste which they hate…….why they cant give life to a poor gal from a deprived community…Even MK Tamilarsu daughter married a reddy guy in coimbatore again he is a forward caste…this is a repost for new readers to know abt the real facts of this kurutu kabothi and his family……huys read this and find how cunning this kelatu payan is…..

  11. Aravind

    Back stabbing pathi solla Kurutu kabothi 0.0000000000000000001% kud yogithai ella….DMK is formed by 5 members..they were called as 5 pilars of DMK….they ar Anna Durai,Neduncheliyan.NV Natesan,K.ANbalagan,EVK Sampath(niece of Periyar and fater of EVKS ELvangovan) and Mathi alagan…Kurutu kabothi is not even in the frame…..after the death of Annadurai its Neduncheliyan or EVK Samptha is set for CM..this kurutu kabothi back stabbed them and with the help of Adithanar of Daily thanthi came to power..ethuku per ennavam????do u know how he came to power??he bribed all MLAs for support……back stabbing na ennanu eppo theriyutha….

  12. Vasin

    We are going to be doomed for 5 more years. It is important to remove Karnan but handing power to non Thamilar also is wrong. I think the best option we have now is handing over power to Congress for 10 years with Chithambaram as Chief Minister. In the mean time we must create a refined Thamil nationalist party for which the most important thing is style or refined approach. We must destroy DMK identity without a scrap.

  13. Kirpa

    Well & Rightly said. JJ shouldn’t take revenge rather focus of TN development so that she prove & win in 2016.

  14. Karthi

    What is this person? He does not know how to vote. I had very high opinion on him.
    Very Bad culture.  I will stop seeing his movies.

  15. Vasin

    I am not supporting Karnan but even if he has some Telugu blood he does have Thamil blood and is well soaked in Thamil. India is such big diverse country unlike Russia; purity of race is difficult to maintain here. If you want a pure Thamilan then  you have to chase down to see whether there are any left descendents of Thaninayagam Muthali who was living living in Ramanathapuram in the 12th century and was sent to the island Delft in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  

  16. raji

    True, Rajini backstabbed the ruling party. coward rajini. within 14 days he went to hospital?  God is still there watching us from above.
    He is uneducated, don’t know how to cast vote, it should be secret.  CORRECT WE NEED  REAL TAMILIAN TO RULE OUR TN. GUYS WAKE UP TAMIZHA.  I  too lost respect for him. i  never had respect for fat amma anyway.

  17. Rajendran

    Rajini got sick for his treachery. DMK may be corrupt. This man acted in Sun TV movie and never talked against DMK’s corruption. If he was so principled and against corruption, he should not have acted in Sun TV movie (Endhiran). He kept quiet until movie release, because of the money. Just before elections, he realized that AIADMK would come to power, so he purposely showed his vote to communicate to Jaya. Jaya should stay away from this turncoat.

    I wish Rajini died in Singapore. He sucks so many fans blood, but never honest by himself. He discouraged his fans not to come to his daughter’s marriage. But he is OK, if they come and die in his movie release. What a selfish person. This is why he got terribly sick. Coward

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