Rajinikanth at Jayam Ravis house

Rajini visits Jayam Ravi’s home

Rajinikanth at Jayam Ravis house

Of late, superstar Rajinikanth has started taking part in public functions and important events in the residences of his friends and relatives. The 61-year old star, who has now fully recovered from the kidney disorder which put him out of action for close to 6 months, has been spotted at many events in the recent past.

Keeping in view his recuperation process, those who invite him for functions or events are ready to accept that Rajini may or may not make it to the event on the said day. In case he turns up, they become very excited. One such surprise was in story for ‘Editor’ Mohan, veteran film-maker and father of celebrated brothers viz. actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi and director ‘Jayam’ Raja.

Mohan turned 70, on 27th Nov and celebrated the event at a grand function at his house where the two sons and their families live jointly along with the parents. When both Ravi and Raja were hosting the guests and attending to their needs, they had a surprise visitor, wow!!! our own superstar Rajinikanth.

Rajini wished Mohan a happy and prosperous life and spent some time and even played with Ravi’s kid. ‘Jayam’ Ravi was mighty excited by the sudden and unexpected visit of the ‘man of the masses’. Later, after seeing Rajini off at his car, Ravi tweeted on a social networking site saying “It was a pleasant surprise to have Rajinikanth Sir at home this morning to wish Appa on his 70th bday 🙂 I’m happy he shook Aarav’s(Jayam Ravi’s son) hands.”

Who won’t be thrilled by the visit of superstar?


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