Rajini undergoes massage therapy to prepare for Rana

Rajinikanth undergone Massage Theraphy

Superstar Rajinikanth has started preparing himself for the long and grueling shooting schedule of his upcoming film Rana. After resting for 14 weeks since his return to Chennai on 13th July, Rajini has now started coming out and taking part in temple visits and visit to the spa, etc. Rajini reportedly underwent ‘special massage’ to remove the wrinkles on his face and to keep himself ‘fit’.

Rajini visited the Tirupathi Thirumala Hills, the holy abode of Lord Venkateswara, yesterday and worshipped to thank the Lord for helping him recover from the illness which put him in unprecedented misery. After getting treated at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, Rajini recovered due to the blessings of the Almighty and by the prayers offered by his millions of fans.

Rajinikanth at Tirupathi Gallery

Rajini offered Kalkandu at the Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirupathi in the form of Thulabaram (offering something equivalent to the body weight of the devotee). Rajini went in an entourage of 16 persons including his wife, daughters, sons-in-law and grandsons to Tirupathi for darshan of the Lord. Rajini looked like his old self and is said to be very eager to start the shooting of his upcoming film Rana at the earliest possible instance.

He himself said that the shooting would be commencing from January onwards. Rajini indulges in his usual exercise routing to keep his body in shape. He reportedly visited a saloon on Harrington Road, Chennai (where he usually goes) a couple of days prior to his visit to Tirupathi to get the ‘facial’ done and also underwent ‘massage therapy’ in order to remove the wrinkles on his face. After spending close to three hours at the saloon, Rajini left for his residence.

Isn’t it great news that showman par excellence would be back in action soon?


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