Rajini to portray Lord Krishna in Hara

He won’t pop the chewing gum; he will bounce it into his mouth.

He won’t place the cigarettes; he will flip it between those lips,

He won’t shoot the gun; he will throw the gun at you.

And just when you are busy wondering ‘What Next’, Boom! Goes the trigger all by itself.

Rajini in Hara
Rajini in Hara

In an era dominated by the so called Superman, Batman and Spiderman…..there rose a superhero above all in the form of Enthi’ran’.

Well wondering where the ‘man’ went – it ‘ran’ away, far away. ‘Man’ isn’t enough to describe the one, who can bring Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee to shame with his stunts, someone who can melt oncoming bullets with his eyes, or dodge machine guns with style, you call him – Rajinikanth .

When even the inanimate obey his command and return faithfully to its owner, there can’t be much debate – who is playing GOD (Lord Krishna)– “Namma ThalaivarRajini.

The forthcoming offering from Rajini Hara had a title change from the previous Sultan – The Warrior .This change is due to the massive success of Enthiran, which has added to the demi god status of the star, expanding his strong fan base worldwide. For this latest 3D venture from Rajini camp, he is to play a character based on Lord Krishna.

Hara which is to be released in record 12 languages will see Rajinikanth play the role of a Messiah who will save the needy and the ones in trouble. Fans will be delighted to know that the movie will present the star with his signature style including the ‘cigarette in the air’ antic.

The movie which is being distributed by Adlabs and Ocher Picture Productions boasts of a 60 crore budget.

And with A R Rahman scoring the music it’s ‘Icing on Icing’ rather than the cake.

Rajini sir we are  counting down the days for this one.



  1. ss

    hoi vassin rajini pathi thappa sonna mavane undu ilanu paniduven avar enka thalaivar, avara madiri ellam unala life le munera mudiyathu, unaku ellam vaye than seyal le onnum illa

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