Rajini Release Endhiran Theatrical Trailer today

The theatrical trailer of Endhiran was released today by Super Star Rajini at the Satyam Complex, Chennai. Director Shankar , Kalanithi Maran and many film personalities were present on the occasion.

The trailer was released in many theatres in Tamil nadu which includes Sathyam Cinemas, Rocky Theatre, Ambattur , Kasi Theatre, Madurai Guru, Tamil Jeya, Kovai Shanthi, Sharadha, and Tirunelveli Poornakala .

The trailer will be released tomorrow in Tuticurin Balakrishna.

Fans were already got to see the teaser promos of the magnum opus by Shankar when the audio was launched in Malaysia last month. Now this is the theatrical trailer released along with the much awaited news on the release date, Yes September 24, 2010 has been announced as the official release date of Endhiran– The Robort!

Endhiran Theatrical Trailer

Endhiran Trailer Function

Rajini Fans celebrates trailer release in Puduchery Muruga Theatre

Rajini releases Endhiran Trailer today
Rajini releases Endhiran Trailer today
Rajini releases Endhiran Trailer today
Rajini releases Endhiran Trailer today


  1. sakthi

    hey director shankar stole the concept of I, robot to make this film.
    but still i think it will be super hit. 😀

  2. VJ

    Whatever subject than you learn and apply in your working life was invented by non-indians. So, if you can copy their work, develop it on your own and get praised for it, why can't Shanker do it for cinema???? If you wanna appreciate his hardwork, watch the movie. Otherwise, shut the F*** UP.. Do not criticize other peoples hard work. Even stealing ideas and combine it with your concept is something that requires lots of effort and time and brilliance. You don't have one. So, stop telling that this movie is copy of I-Robot. May be the Robot design looks like I-Robot but I-Robot never dance barathanatyam. Shankers' Robot did it. That's where Shanker shows his creativity…. You good for nothing guys are not qualified at all to comment about this sci-fi movie…

  3. raju

    its very wonderful….. encourage the tamilans hardwork….. jst dont do bad comment on ….if dnt like jst shut nd sit idiots…………..

  4. raju

    its masterpiece of rajini and shankar……. encourage the tamilans hardwork………if dont like just shut and sit useless idiots…….

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