rajinikanth appreciates allari-naresh

Rajini praises Naresh’s work in Telugu version of Tamizhpadam

rajinikanth appreciates allari-naresh

When it comes to appreciating or praising someone for his or her work, nobody can beat superstar Rajinikanth in the art. The star has his own ways of recognizing and expressing his appreciation which is considered as ‘compliment of the highest order’ by the concerned individuals. The latest one to get appreciation from Rajini is Tollywood’s Allari Naresh.

Naresh’s latest film Sudigadu, a remake of the Tamil satirical Tamizhpadam which made spoof of leading heroes and the punchlines uttered by them, has turned out to be a super-duper hit film all over Andhra Pradesh. The film’s success has stumped even die-hard fans of Naresh, who starred in the Tamil film Kurumbu a few years back. Readers might recall that Tamizhpadam received critical acclaim besides courting success at the box-office.

A special screening of Sudigadu was arranged for superstar Rajinikanth last Wednesday in Chennai. Rajini sat in the comfort of his residence and watched the film which was screened at his house using the digital screening technology. The film reportedly features the famous sequence in Rajini’s Enthiran: The Robot where more than 1,000 gun-wielding Rajinis are shown.

The crew of the film was with Rajini when he watched the film. After the film ended, Rajini appreciated the effort of the technicians and made it a point to congratulate each of them individually. He reserved exclusive words of praise for the performance of Naresh, for whom the film has turned out to be a much-needed hit!


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