Rajini plays himself in Shahrukh Khans Ra One?

rajinikanth does cameo in Ra One

The Mumbai media is abuzz with reports that superstar Rajinikanth will be playing ‘himself’ in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film titled Ra One which has Kareena Kapoor pairing up opposite the King Khan. Rajini’s much-awaited on-screen appearance after he re-starts shooting after a gap of more than five months would be for this Hindi film, it is reported.

SRK plays a super-hero in the film, which is produced at a huge budget. Rajini would be playing a small, all-powerful character which would save SRK from a tight situation in the film. Though it was said that the film is a take off on Rajini’s Enthiran: The Robot, SRK himself had announced that they respect Rajini too much to stoop down to do such things. “The sequences planned with Rajini Sir in mind would only be honouring him in a big way,” SRK had recently said.

Rajini is said to have given the nod to playing the small role of a ‘superman’ who saves SRK from, big trouble. The shooting of sequences featuring Rajini and SRK would be filmed at Hyderabad’s Ramojorao Filmi City on the 4th of October, it is said. While taking on the baddies in the film, at one time, SRK is surrounded by many thugs who are about to take his life when the superstar would be making a dramatic entry to save SRK.

Rajini’s portion has been planned in a meticulous manner, said SRK and added that when the superstar saves in the film, there would also be a sequence whereby he (SRK) would be introducing Rajini to co-star Kareena Kapoor. Rajini’s punch dialogues and SRK’s introduction of Rajini to Kareena have been planned elaborately and honourably, it is reported.

It was SRK’s idea to request Rajini to star in the film to which the latter has accepted, it is said. The film is likely to be released on the eve of Deepavali and due to Rajini’s presence, might be dubbed into Tamil and Telugu!



  1. S M

    After investing huge money, SRK feels something is missing for south indians in the film so then Rajini come to SRK mind and SRK added Rajini in to the film for boost up his film in south indian market…

    SRK you are a real businessman…

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