Rajini obliges private security staff’s request for photograph

Rajini Latest Photo

There’s not a soul on earth which doesn’t want to get photographed with superstar Rajinikanth. Not only Rajini’s fans but also those who frequently visit his Poes Garden residence get this inevitable urge to get themselves photographed with the man who is widely believed to possess the qualities to make a ‘big difference’ in the State’s politican scenario.

After his return from Singapore in July this year, Rajini got himself photographed for the first time outside his residence/Mandapam with a few private security guards manning the nearby houses and offices in his locality. Rajini reportedly visits his Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam every morning to have a peaceful morning walk.

On days of marriage at the Mandapam, he goes for a walk at the Poes Garden locality itself. He usually walks on streets which have very little movement of people and prefers to go for the walking routine early in the morning to avoid getting spotted by his fans.

The security guards, who are manning the nearby houses and offices, used to see Rajini everyday and expressed their wish to get photographed with him. The ever-obliging superstar immediate agreed to their request and posed with them for the photo. The guards later said that Rajini looked fit as fiddle as ever. This gives hope to the star’s fans that he might start shooting for Rana very soon.



  1. I am not a plato

    i personally feel that rajni shd stop riskin of actin in his trademark genre ….he s old now n to be honest he can now follow the footsteps of big b by actin with characters suitable for his age…. 

  2. Smile

    Yes…Maybe something like the second half of Padayappa.A stylish dad who is still energetic enough to bash goons…
    I would love to watch a sequel to Padayappa….Thalaivar rocks!!!

  3. Smile

    If its without any action,his fans will be dejected.They would like to see him in style.So i said that.Unlike his usual films where there are 3-4 fight scenes,maybe he can cut down to 1.

  4. I am not a plato

    i agree but i personally feel that he shd break those gimmicks….he shd do sth like wot al pacino and amithabh does….

  5. Sam

    “I am not a plato” its easy to say that but impossible. Big B and Rajini are in different league. You cannot compare these two. In this, I completely agree with Smile, his fans cannot accept what you say.

    Tell me howmany will come to theater to see first day first show at 3am for big b??? Rajini still has the mass behind him….big b has huge fan following and they all like him and respect him for what he was and what he is. 

  6. Smile

    @I am not a Plato…..Yup.You are not wrong.Considering his age,you said so.I agree.Even I would like to see him do character roles sans action.But like what Sam said,not all his fans would like that.Most of them would want to see him in action….

  7. Smile

    @Sam…Thanks.If all his fans agree with what I am not a Plato said,then I am sure Rajini would opt for character roles.It’s to cater to his fans expectations that he is still doing films with action.Now that Rana is dropped and considering his health,I hope the next project will not be an action flick…

  8. Jalra

    @ Raj udunge pa Smile is missing Vasin so she tries to catch hold of some one jobless like her to impress them. Edule verounge yenna pannuvange.

  9. Smile

    @Sam and RAJ….Yes.RAJ is right.Naan oru attu figure nu Mr.Universe 2011 sollitaru.So enkooda ellam pesadheenga.Unga range ku ellam Aishwarya rai,Priyanka chopra,Leila Lopes koodadhan pesikanum….

  10. Smile

    @Jalra….Aama,naan jobless nu Ambani PA sollitaru.Sir,neenga yean sir unga 1008 velaiya vittutu inga vandhu comment kuduthu time waste panreenga???Ungalukku kizhikardhuku naraiya velai erukum.Enna madhiri neenga vetti illai.Unga thalaiku mela erukura velaiya vittutu dhane enna solla vandhuteenga…Pls…unga velaiya poi parunga.Ambani koopiduraru….

  11. Smile

    @RAJ….You don’t have to see it.I saw it!
    Mr.Universe,pls don’t waste ur precious time and energy texting an Attu figure like me.Find someone who will match you in looks.Try,you may find one in KT.All the best for ur search,brother!

  12. Smile

    @RAJ…….Hey isn’t that Simbu’s dialogue in VTV?Ulagathule ella ponnaiyum thangatchiya ninaikirean except u Jessie….

    When you take the pledge,don’t you say all indians are my brothers and sisters?Does it mean all are ur own siblings??No.So consider me as such.Mugam theriyadha thangatchi.I know its hard for u to accept an attu figure as ur sister….but if you don’t,KT regulars will term you as my BF.So which is better?Being attu figures brother or BF??I think brother is better.Anyway,i have already considered u as one.Anna…Anna…Anna!!!!

  13. RAJ


  14. Smile

    @RAJ…Younger than me?That means you must be in ur teens.Around 18-20 years.Ok…Still I can call you Thambi….no harm.Seri Thambi….I always maintain respect with people who respect me….

  15. RAJ

    to be precise am my age is hidden in between those two nos akka ….lol its hard to call u so….anyway akka u dont leave kt ur comments were really intersting….

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