Rajini is the real Super Star:Prithviraj


It is known that Superstar Rajinikanth,  the down-to-earth film star has a huge fan base world wide.  Here there is one more ardent fan of the superstar Rajinikanth from the Malayalam film industry.

We are talking about actor  Prithviraj who is quite popular in both Mollywood and Kollywood.

In a recent interview to a Malayalam television channel, Prithviraj has said that Rajini is his all-time favorite actor and a person whom he likes a lot.

Prithviraj said , Rajini always wants to be realisticGenerally, film stars worry about their image, and coming to revealing of their age, they would keep a lid on it. Here’s one who cares a little on that and just comes out even without make up, his semi bald-head and grey hair showing. “.

He further added,Even though I am quite popular in Malayalam films, the senior stars Mammooty and Mohanlal have never appreciated me or my films so far.”

“But the real super star Rajini had personally called me up more than three years back and spoke to me for as long as 45 minutes, minutely explaining to me the way he liked my performance in Radhamohan’s ‘Mozhi’

He had no reason to call me and appreciate, something neither Mammootty nor Mohanlal have ever done all these years. Rajini is simple, stylish and spiritual, that explains his uniqueness and his abilities makes him really special,” concludes Prithviraj.



  1. Katic

    <span>முழுவதுமாக நம்பதகு உண்மையிலும் உண்மை…
    நேற்று பேய்ந்த மழையில் இன்று முளைத்த(அ)முளைக்க துடிக்கும் காளான் கூட என்ன ஆட்டம் போடுறாங்க…
    சினிமா உலகில், நாள் ஒன்று முதல் இன்று வரை எளிமை என்றால் அது உலகத்திலேயே தலைவர் மட்டும்தான்…
    கவனிக்கவேண்டிய ஒன்று, எல்லா தகவலுக்கும் குறைந்தது பத்து விமர்சனமாவது இருக்கும் ஆனால் இந்த தகவலுக்கு இல்லை.
    அப்படியென்றால் அனைவரும் இந்த கருத்தில் ஒத்து போகிறோம் என்று அர்த்தம்.  </span>

  2. Thamizhan

    No doubt…Superstar is the best example of how to be a down to earth person even when you reach sky height..HATS OFF to you sir!!!

  3. Tamil

    He is the real super star. but we expect a lot from him. Its all people wish in Tamilnadu that he would stand in front ( CM) and create a new way.

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