Rajini Hospitalized and Discharged

Rajini Admitted and Discharged

Earlier in the day during the first shoots of Raana, Rajini had to be  admitted at the intensive care unit (ICU) at St. Isabel Hospital,Mylapore,Chennai on Friday (April 29, 2011) after suffering dehydration and exhaustion. Later was discharged in the evening.

Rajini who was doing ‘Muhurat Shot’ in AVM Studios for his upcoming film ‘Rana’ earlier on the same day started throwing up in the set. The actor was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was treated and remained under observation of doctors for a few hours .

Speaking to the reporters, Super Stars  wife Latha said, the actor is doing good and doctors have advised him to take rest for a couple of days.

Also Dhanush who tweeted to the rajini fans few hours back said “He is perfectly ok. Just dehydration. Nothing to worry at all. He will be home tonight itself!

Let’s wish Rajini bounces back in the pink of health as soon as possible.



  1. owl

    what did i say in the old posts, he will be admited in the hospital by the end for high BP and sugar. but this is at the begning. intha latchanathula 7 heroiens.

  2. Rajini's neighbour

    vayasana kalathula retire aagama adam pudicha ippidi thaan. oru appa role, illa periyappa role, to say the fact he is eligible for granddad roles. but he is not accepting it.

  3. T Rajender

    I am sure most of u guys here, wont be able to do half of the things he has achieved. At his age most of you lazzy buggers will be long dead. From zero to hero. Not like most of you wanabess just sit at home or in an airconditioned room, bored of your good for nothing life and just to past time, sit and comment about others. Anyway how many heroines he fuks in his movie is his fruit of hard work. BTW that heroines neya nana tu poti potu thane varalge ungeleke yenda poramme. If tht gals are darn good, divine souls like you guys are feeling they wont come up to act by wearing skimpy attires. Just go and peek into their caravan, can find all the liquors that even the superstar has never seen or heard offff. eehhhh dandanaka danekdaka..

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