Rajini Fans Condemns Comedy Kaipulla Vadivelu

Rajini Fans Condemnation Poster against Vadivelu

Looks like, ace comedian Vadivelu has incurred the wrath of millions of Rajini fans by his loose talk.

On April 29, Vadivelu who had emerged as the star campaigner for the ruling DMK-led Front had replied ‘Raana Vavathu Gaana Vavathu. I am not bothered about it,’, when asked on being dropped from the film ‘Rana‘, which would be Superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming mega budget period film. ‘The scenes and seasons will change after May 13 (the day when counting of votes polled in the polls will be taken up),” he said, in a veiled threat to the Superstar.

This has irked Rajinikanth’s fans so much that they are exhibiting their displeasure on Vadivelu in various ways. The Superstar’s fans in Srirangam seem to be the first to object to this. They have pasted Condemnation Posters against Vadivelu, all over the town, by stating the follwing lines:

“We condemn this act very seriously! We condemn the Comedy Kaipullai (Vadivelu) for making comments against the undisputed King of the Tamil Film industry, Super Star Rajinikanth who rules the Entertainment world for more than 3 Decades. –Condemnation Statement From Srirangam Rajinikanth’s Fan Club”.

Rajini fans from various districts are also planning to show displeasure in their own way, sources say.

What would be Vadivelu’s reply for this? ‘Vaenam Valikkuthu..Aluthiduven’



  1. Aravind

    Hey guys vaidvelu is a setha ponam…..atha pathi yen roomba allatikureenga…poi veliya parunga…result vartum apprum enna aguthu parunga……..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. RAJ Malaysia

    Don’t give vaidvelu easy life. He is over and over to condemn others. Please don’t give chance to him. We must teach lesson to this kind of people, who condemn our Superstar.

  3. Bala

    Come on people, vadivelu has his own views like you and i have a view. rajni fans are just stupid like any other fan club, vadivelu did not say something bad. he just said he does not care about it. people use some comon sence

  4. Vetri

    Rajni fans can’t understand tamil. Vadivelu did not say anything bad about Rajni or his film and these so called idiots can’t understand plain simple tamil

  5. Vetri

    And moreover these people never support fellow tamils… rather they will lift pallaku for outsiders. no shame or no common sense…can’t figure out yet

  6. blah

    neenga konjam moodalam! yara periya aalu akanum nu engaluku theriyum! dei Tahalivar a thamizhan illa athu ithu nu solrayae….Tamilnadu elections time la enda ella katchiyum avaru veetula poi nikkuthu. seems DMK part cadres had gone to his house before election to ask him to extend support to DMK. and Cho Ramasamy had asked him to extend support to ADMK. dei Singam da enga thalaivar! 
    Like it or not. He is one major influence in Tamilnadu. he can even influence election results.

  7. Vetri

    I am also a Rajni fan for his style and entertaintment and I do not against him. I just want us to be more wise and create leaders who can go beyond just creating enterprises for themselves using popularity.

  8. nan

    rajani vadivelu ilam ore tanni case yaa.Figur pik up and drop panitu poikinde irupange.Dont support just one person.Ilame inge @#$%^&*(


    y u all bother about all these… karunanidhi, jayalalitha win or loose u dont gain anything. rajinikanth or vadivellu condenm each other also u all dont gain anything. think positive…. u all talk this also at the end of the day u have earn for ur one spoon of rice….karunanidhi, jayalalitha, rajinikanth or vadivellu dont give u all money to run ur lifes. As a fan of rajini im sad too but dont show ur emotion …. u all are the LOOOSER LOOOSER LOOOSER

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