Rajini fan attempts suicide to donate kidneys to the star


A fan of superstar Rajinikanth attempted to commit suicide in order to donate his kidneys to the ailing superstar. Ironically, the fan was unaware that the kidneys would become non-functional after his demise and as such, his act of committing ‘suicide’ would not be beneficial in serving his purpose!

The incident occurred in Coimbatore, which has a huge fan-following for Rajini. The 61-year old superstar is presently admitted to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, said to be the best of its kind in the Asian continent for treating kidney-related ailments. Rajini is said to be making rapid progress and there are even rumours that he might return to normalcy soon.

Rajini’s fans have been praying to the various Gods to put their matinee idol back to normalcy. Raja Arockiyasami of Sundarapuram in Kovai, a die-hard Rajini fan and an office-bearer of the local Rajinikanth Fans’ Club, was reportedly disturbed by news reports saying that Rajini had to undergo ‘kidney transplantation’.

He then took an over-dose of sleeping pills and lost his consciousness. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated and is now said to be out of danger. Naively, he says that he attempted ‘suicide’ mainly to donate his kidney(s) to his Thalaivar!



  1. usha

    get a life dude.. think of ur family first.. ur parents, wife and kids are gonna suffer when u die.. not ur thalaivar.. we are all fans of rajini and we pray for his well-being.. but not none is as crazy as u!! u wan to do something for him then do some gd deeds like annathaanam, like wat actor lawrence raghavendra did.. these kind of madness only exist in india!!

  2. Kolly talk

    koduma  da dei…. ivana nambi irukra kudumbathuku yar badhil soluvanga….. evan setha evanoda kidney waste dhan., modhala adhu rajiniku match aganum, idhelam theriyamaya suicide attempt panan….. paatha ivanoda publicitykaga panna mari theridhu…. ivlo manidhabimanam ullavan direct ah dhanam panirukalam…  உடல் உறுப்புகளை தானம் செய்வோம் , பிறர் வாழ்கையில் ஒழி ஏற்றுவோம்

  3. KK

    Most people in rural tamilnadu dont use brains. They are emotional fools. I do like to donate kidneys but would definitely get knowledge from doctors & others before doing it. Stupid guy…

  4. bullshit

    illeterate ppl……..instead sacrifice ur lyf for ur own family……..if u’re suffering like rajinikanth ,ll he die for u or donate any of his organs or he pay u……..???  NEVER………if u’re doing all these shits , it doesn’t think tt u’re a big fan of rajini, instead ppl ll think as u’re STUPID, ILLETERATE in the world………

  5. http://www.trainerslisting.com

    he can be killed instead…if it is for his mom or family and if he did dare to attempt suicide hats off…doesnt this bloody actor have a family, friends circle who care for him…will this actor care for that poor fans family.,…all he will say is who asked you to attempt suicide as he said in movie kuselan…

  6. raj

    to be honest indian tamil people doesn’t have brain. they wont even commit suiside for their own family and they are attempting for unknown person!!!!

  7. sherina nisha

    stupid fellows dont they have any sense idiots god is there with rajini sir so no need to worry im also praying to the god all of u pray to the god surely rajini sir will come again so dont need worry abt that rajinis god sri raghavendra blessings will be there forr rajini sir so if he heard abt this matter means surely he gets worry abt u guys so hearafter dont do like this pls im requestly asking these all the stupid things so we all of u pray to the god surely rajini sir will be recover soon . so let us pray to the god .bye nisha

  8. glasgow

    pundiya muduriya…. how many guys u hav cheated god know…. ok… he might b stupid…. but y he did it think….  can any body die for u… i knw he is stupid… here u hav to look at wat extent rajini stands in ppl heart… u type of slut wont knw about lov n affection

  9. vadivukarasi

    This is too much just praying (without harming self or others) is sufficient …btw, the average human expectancy in India is 61. Rajini falling sick should not surprise his fans … the amount of smoking and drinking he does only worsen his condition. 

  10. tamilon

    mad people do mad things like this guy oh poor  man think about your family first dont be silly Rajani has got lots of money dont worry too much of him 😎 😛 O:-)   

  11. God

    You Idiot … Wake up man … If he wants Kidney then her daughthers will give why the hell you are giving your Kidney and make your family to suffer by your loss.

    All kidneys will not be suitable for all. Only blood relations Kidney will suite 100% to Rajini. Might be latha rajini`s kidney also unsuitable for him.

    Have a chutney and get well soon. God Bless You.

  12. அக்னி

    நண்பரே! தற்கொலை செய்வதென்றால் தனியாக தற்கொலை செய்துகொள்ளாதீர்! ஏனென்றால், உங்களைப் போல் பலர் தற்கொலை செய்யலாமா என்று யோசித்துக்கொண்டிருக்கலாம். அதனால், உங்களைப் போன்று தற்கொலை முயற்சியை மேற்கொள்பவர்களையும் இணைத்துக்கொண்டு கூட்டாக தற்கொலை செய்துகொள்ளும் படி தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கின்றேன். (உங்களைப் போன்ற ஜென்மங்கள் உயிருடன் இருந்தால் தான் என்ன? இல்லாவிட்டால் தான் என்ன?)  >:o

  13. Nanban

    Hi! Vadivu! I think that this is one of the guy you supported (“Mann Soru Party”). This is the next step. That’s why we against those kind of activities.  

  14. KD

    His daughter , wife and his in laws are still alive.. You stupid fellow go and take care of urslef and ur family da…Non sense.

  15. cyrusdass

    Talking about love and affection is a total bullshit. Mad pundais like you have really corrupted the mentality of the cinema goers. I request that you give your own sister to rajani for the sake of love and affection. Let him use your sister as he like. Be a good mama boy.

  16. aswin ali

    rajini kanja, visky, cigarete, ooll ellam iistathuku potu ippady aayeetan . why the hell u worry on this rich selfish mfo. 

  17. cyrusdass

    Very  nicely said my friend. Hope the majority of the tamil movie fans understand the truth and fuck these selfish cinema fellows.

  18. zenitha

    Hai, stupid, i am sorry to say this dear friend, Rajini is not willing to giving even his single drop of sweat for the Tamilnadu people and why the hell u want to give ur precious life to that selfish man.

  19. R

    I think u do well in this job.. keep doing mama job. dai fan apdithan irupangu.. unala panna mudiyuma? love panra ponnukaga sucide panrangu, teacher adichangurathukaga sucide panrangu, athu madri than ithuvum..athukaga ne romba overa pesatha? ne vena unga amma,sister and ur wife ellam mama job panni irukalam. 

  20. R

    hi guys just think sucide panran athu avanoda thanipata virupam. Unga soothuku enna noguthu? Rajini tamil people ku enna senjan avanukaga sucide panringanu solringa…Yen inum evanavathu picha poduvananu pakura.. Yenda neenga 1lks salary vanguna unga orula or unga street la irukura ellathukum kodukuringala?
    yen tamil people banglore la IT la work panni sambathikala? Hyd sambathikala? athu madri than Rajini yum inga? so dont expect anything from him.  ipdi picha yedukathinga. tamilan sollitan tamilnadaya kooru potavana vitudunga.  namma vanthara vazhavaikum tamilar..namma culture athu than athukuga inga vanthu vazhuravan kita yethirpakuran tamilan illa.

  21. bebo

    dis is for the person who have been using ma id to like some abusive comments.. u r definetly retarded and such an non stop sense.. arivu ketta mundom

  22. rock

    rajini sir get well soon

    we r waiting to see uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu as a Tamilnadu—– chiefminister

    i dont want unnecessary fucking commands like other bastards commenting

  23. rock

    rajini sir get well soon  
    we r waiting to see uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu as a Tamilnadu—– chiefminister  
    i dont want unnecessary fucking commands like other bastards commenting

  24. rock

    rajini sir get well soon    
    we r waiting to see uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu as a next Tamilnadu—– chiefminister    
    i dont want any unnecessary fucking commands like other bastards who r all commented below me and going to comment above ——

  25. r

    rajini sir get will son . god will help u and to rajini fans dont make that foolish attempts just pray to god . GOD will help him

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