Rajini Fan attempts suicide after wife refuses to watch Endhiran

Rajini Fan Attempts Suicide

A newly married Rajini Fan has reportedly attempted suicide after his wife refused to accompany him to cinema hall to watch the latest blockbuster ‘Endhiran’ starring Rajinikanth.

S Vinoth Kumar, a 25-year-old construction worker and Brindha(20) got married about four months ago and they have been living together at Saravanampatty,Coimbatore.

According to Police, The couple have been having frequent quarrels since the time they were married. on October 6,Vinoth who is a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth called his wife Brinda for the matinee show of ‘Endhiran’ . But Brinda refused to and accompany him and later suggested they could go another day.

On October 7 afternoon, again Vinoth Kumar picked up a fierce argument with his wife once again for having refused to come with him to the cinema hall to watch ‘Endhiran’. And later when things seemed settled at Around 4.15pm, Vinoth  tried to hang himself using a rope strung over a wooden beam in their house. Fortunately, his wife raised an alarm immediately and neighbours came and rescued him. With slight cramp in neck bones, Vinoth has been admitted to the government general hospital for treatment. Mean while Saravanampatty police have also slashed an attempt to suicide case against Vinoth Kumar.

“They have been having frequent quarrels since their marriage four months ago. He is a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth. His wife’s act of refusing to accompany him to watch Endhiran, prompted him to hang himself.” said Vinoth Kumar’s father.




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  2. MK

    Guys after I read this news I got stomache laughing. Poor girl she married screw loosu nut. 
    I think he must be some slumdog with no purpose in live.

    I feel funny and disappointed that people like this exist in this world without  any purpose. What a SHAME

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  4. India

    Shame on all Indians who fight like this which can be read by all.  If u want to comment, comment only about the guy who tried to attempt suicide y should u talk about India and Indians. This page shows how united we people are.  Please stop this type of words and give comments only on the subject. Every one has there own opinion about India but do not expose it to other country people.  If u r real Indians show that we all are united to each other.

  5. V3NK

    Luckily GandhiJI is not alive to hear you foul language…y do hav this dismal view of India? I am not saying it is the best place to live and nobody can say that unless they have been everywhere on this earth, but there is a rich culture and history there, some may say that it is dissolving but i believe it is evolving/adapting with the world as every culture does…im not indian by citizenship but my parents were born and lived there…i consider india to have a greater sense of community and values than any other country that I know…corruption is problem in every country and is a regrettable but inevitable part of human nature…bribing and taking bribes is down to the individual NOT the country!

  6. prata

    thats true. still it affects and pictures the country as a whole. and the rich in india are selfish, the poor are struggling. no one cares about anyone else. indians beat their own people in their stomach. if that changes india will be a better place to live. currently no. and i dont think it`ll be a better place to live, till everything politics everything changes.


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  10. INDIAN

    I agree with u in the case of filmz, corruption etc…. But u should understand, still many things are good in INDIA than all other countries… So dont comment badly on Total INDIA and INDIANS…

  11. INDIAN

    any ways u cant change such people worshipping actors as GOD… Suicide attempted guy is a fucking fooool…. Even super star RAJNI wont even consider this suicide attempt as a matter… If he is a real super star, he will do all the good things he did in the film in reality… 

    My only request to all INDIANS… “NEVER EVER SPOIL THE NAME OF INDIA”

  12. aravind

    Rajini is a wonderful business man……he had spoiled a entire generation in the name of style…..more over he dont have the guts in real life as in cinema life…he is afraid of working with new and young directors..he would always play safe by betting on well established directors…….on the politics side he is a bigger comedian……see the way he talked bad at jayalalitha and now he had patch up with her….also thirumavalavan…..he is dead against him but our super star invited him to his daughter’s marry but prevented his fans frm attending the marry…..you guys still believe him?he told there would be traffic jam if his fans attend marry…would he dare to say this during the release of his flim??only big business men and politicians attend the function…i donno how he had become super star…..i guess its the fans who made super star not those bloody politicians and businessmen…..he is just a waste fellow…better watch his movies if u like him….dont follow him and spoil u r life…..dont follow any other actors also……and for the guy who attempt suicide..better luck next time…i wish u will succeed ……

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