Rajini excited awaiting his second grandchild


Rajini is at horizon. Its a joyfull time when a newborn is going to come into the family. Rajinikanth and family, who celebrated the engagement of his second daughter Soundarya few weeks back, are now equally excited awaiting the arrival of the second child of Aishwarya, his elder daughter!

Rajinikanth, who is a very dedicated and adoring dad, is quite the pampering grandfather to Aishwarya’s first child, Yatra. He is at the beck and call of the three year old, and indulges in the kid’s every whim and fancy [He supposedly even bought an entire train compartment and set it up in their backyard just to amuse Yatra!]. And now grandpa is going to have a tough time dividing his attention betweem Yatra and the next baby!

Aishwarya and husband Dhanush are natually overjoyed about having a second child. We are pretty sure that grandpa Rajni’s and dad Dhanush’s call sheets are going to be so overloaded with baby time, their next directors are going to have a difficult time scheduling their movies


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