Rajini enjoyed watching Raghavas Kanchana

Rajini enjoyed watching Raghavas Kanchana

Raghava Lawrence “Terrible hit” (read the papers) Kanchana has already cast a magic spell with it’s eu-nuch theme of witches laced with humor. The movie has now received praises from none other than Thalaivar Rajinikanth for whom Raghava held a special screening recently. Rajini was really impressed with Raghava’s jumpy on-screen presence and his commendable efforts behind the curtains.

Superstar gave special mention for the dance number “Karuppu Perazaga” saying that the choreography by Raghava has been beautifully carried out to the tune of a wonderful song.(Do you people remember the Rajini portrait in the music video?) Rajini also praised Sarathkumar’s trans-gen-formative appearance as Kanchana saying that the movie was really enjoyable and worth another watch. He left the hall congratulating Raghava and other members of the Kanchana team present at the occasion. It might be recalled that Raghava too is a die-hard Rajiniac. He earlier arranged for a mass joint prayer session when Rajini was admitted in Singapore recovering from his kidney ailment and thanks to the prayers Superstar is back to business.

Receiving appreciation for his efforts from Thalaivar would have filled his heart with joy.




  1. june

    i heard that raghava worked as a driver for rajini, than he became a noted choreogrpher…i think its cool his talent was recognized, and that he respects rajini..

  2. Sam

    No, I think he was working as driver/assistant for a stunt master and he was looking for a chance to do something in cinema. Rajini noticed his dance moves, gave a recommendation letter and asked him to go and see a top producer. He got selected and became a dance master from then on.

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