Rajini donates Rs 10 Crore to Mantralayam Raghavendra temple

Rajini donates Rs 10 Crore to Mantralayam Raghavendra temple

Rajini donates Rs 10 Crore to Mantralayam Raghavendra temple
Rajini in his 100th film Raghavendra

Reports emanating from Mantralayam say that superstar Rajinikanth, a staunch devotee of Raghavendra Swamigal, has donated a whopping Rs.10 crore to the Raghavendra temple at Mantralayam. Sources added that Rajini’s financial assistance is to be used for renovation work in and around the holy temple at Mantralayam.

When contacted, sources at Rajini’s residence neither confirmed nor denied the news . Rajini, who is an ardent devotee of Raghavendra, had been the inspiration  choreographer-director Lawrence to  follow Guru Raghavendra teachings. Rajini visits Mantralayam quite often and involves himself in a committed manner in the various developmental activities taking place at the temple.

The temple and its surrounding were badly affected by last year’s torrential rains which resulted in floods which submerged the temple. Currently, efforts are on a large scale to undertake renovation work in and around the temple. The temple management is also planning to construct rooms to accommodate the huge inflow of devotees who can stay in these rooms before darshan of Raghavendra.

Madhava Shetty and Suyamithra Chari, the administrative heads of the famed temple, said in a communiqué issued to the press that Rajini had, indeed, agreed to make a donation of Rs.10 core towards the renovation activities planned in and around the temple. The amount would be used to renew the main Mandapam and the  buildings behind the temple. As many as 25 air-conditioned rooms would be built besides 100 common rooms for devotees to stay during their visit to that temple. Many small parks are also coming up around the temple. Sources close to Rajini say that the report would have to be confirmed first-hand with Rajini himself.



  1. Adam Ansar U S A

    Rajini would have spend this 10 crore to a water supplying project to many villages are suffering without water facilities,people have to walk mils with pots to collect water if he would use this money for such a valuable project hundreds of thousand of people will pray for him,every drop of water he will get the credit from god.what a foolish man spend such a big amount for metal and cement for nothing.

  2. Viswanathan an ardent devotee of Raghavendra

    I Second Adam Ansar views doing service to the underpreviliged is doing service to god

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